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Bio flex is a semi-rigid 100mm insulation slab made with natural hemp fibres. It is flexible, lightweight and allows for easy installations. It is a carbon-negative product best known for its excellent thermal and acoustic properties.nnHemp wool insulation is perfectly designed for use above or below wafters, partition walls, ceilings and internal wall insulation applications. Its ease of use is what makes it unique as it is very safe to install compared to wool insulation. It allows for a clean and mess-free installation as it does not release fibres or too much waste.nnThis batt insulation is made with natural, sustainably sourced hemp fibres and promotes healthier living conditions. In addition to being completely safe, it is also environmentally friendly. It is a superior and better alternative to wool and polystyrene insulation.nn100mm insulation slabs have a low water diffusion rate, which means it keeps your walls and roofs safe from moisture and its harmful effects. Along with a low K-value that ensures a warm and comfortable home, it also absorbs sound waves, which means it keeps your noisy neighbours out!nnKey Features:nnn100mm hemp insulation batts are designed to allow quick installations nBest used for soundproofing walls, roofs and floors.nHelps keep heat indoors and decrease energy bills.nNBS AcreditednCarbon-negative product for a greener tomorrow.nThis natural insulation is a healthier insulating option nHelps improve air quality.nnnApplications:nn100mm hemp insulation batts can be used to insulate:nnnWalls: partitions, cavity walls, stud walls and other internal wall insulation applicationsnRoofs: Pitched roof insulation. Can be used above or under the rafter, ceiling framesnSoundproofin Reduces entry of sound waves in roofs, walls etc.nnnPlease Note: Our standard Return policy does not apply to this product. No returns, cancellations and refunds will be accepted after the order is confirmed via email. Customers are requested to contact us via call or email within 3 working days if there are damages or faults in the product received. n

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