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Hemp fibre batts are perfectly designed to mould themselves to the various shapes, commonly found in a building. Each acoustic insulation batt is 100mm thick, 1100mm long and 600mm wide, semi-rigid, flexible insulation batts that are ideal to insulate external walls, pitched roofs, flat roofs etc. nnHemp fibre insulation is a carbon-negative product. It is made using hemp fibres and a mineral-binding agent. Their manufacturing process causes no harm to the environment and hence hemp wool insulation promotes sustainable construction. nnThanks to their low K-Value, these hemp fibre batts effectively minimise heat loss through walls and roofs, thereby significantly reducing your energy bills. Additionally, with their low water vapour diffusion rate, they also minimise condensation or other moisture-related risks. Plus, since they naturally absorb sound waves, hemp fibre batts also provide superior sound insulation. nnNatural hemp insulation can be considered an ideal alternative to polystyrene and wool insulation products. All of these products almost have the same K-Values, but what sets hemp wool insulation apart, is that they are safe and very easy to work with. Also, you do not have to deal with loose fibres or any mess during installations. Moreover, hemp fibre batts allow for a better living conditions than other insulating materials as they improve internal air quality.nn nnKey Features: nnn100mm insulation batts are semi, rigid perfectly adapt to different shapes in the building.nThey are ideal for external wall and pitched roof insulationnTheir low water diffusion rate reduces the risk of condensationnNBS AcreditednThanks to its low K-Value, hemp wool insulation significantly lowers energy bills.nHemp batts give effective sound insulation in walls and roofs.nLightweight, easy to installnCarbon-negative insulation for a sustainable building and healthier tomorrow.nnnApplications:nnHemp fibre batts are ideal for use in:nnnInternal walls: Soundproofs and insulated internal solid walls.nRoofs: Perfect insulating material for both pitched and flat roofs (with mechanical fixings)nExternal panellings and external wall insulation. nnnPlease Note: nn1. Min Order of 5 batts, purchase allowed per batt thereafter.nn2. Our standard Return policy does not apply to this product. No returns and refunds will be accepted after the product has been dispatched. Customers can cancel the order before it is confirmed (we will send you an email confirmation) Returns will only be applicable for defective or faulty products when informed within 3 working days from the date of receipt. n

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