Actis Hcontrol Hybrid Multifoil Insulation Roll

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nnMultifoil insulation is the new way to insulate walls and roofs. Though foil insulation is pricey, it will eventually pay for itself many times over.nnHere is why we recommend Actis HControl Hybrid:nnPerformance: As mentioned earlier, HContol Hybrid from Actis insulation combines the benefits of vapour control and thermal insulation in one easy-to-use foil insulation roll. It will hit the required U-value at reduced thickness. Multifoils give airtight insulation in roofs and walls, plus they can be used in combination with other insulation materials.nnInstallation: Because of its dual performance, foil insulation roll reduces the number of steps required to meet Building regulations. Decreased installation steps, not only save time but also cost on labour.nnCost-effective in the long run: The price of foil insulation rolls almost equals the cost of installing and using wool insulation. Foil insulation rolls are very easy to use, handle and install. nnBesides foil insulation, does not release harmful fibres into the air, like wool insulation. It improves indoor air quality. nnProduct Specifications: nnnLength: 6.25mnWidth: 1.6mnThickness: 45mmnArea: 10 mandsup2; / rollnMaterial: MultifoilnAir Permeability: AirtightnWatertightness: Watertight (W1)nVapour Resistance: andgt; 1000 MNs/gnReaction to fire: Euroclass FnCore R-value: 1.90mandsup2;K/W.nnnKey Features:nnnMultifoil insulation has two benefits in one product.nIt offers exceptional thermal insulation by effectively reflecting heat and acting as a barrier against air leakage.nThe in-built vapour control layer of these foil insulation rolls makes them intrinsically waterproof and airtight.nMultifoil insulation does not shrink, or compact over time. nFoil insulation lasts longer and improves indoor air quality.nThe thermal performance of foil insulation is not compromised in the long run. nFoil insulation roll is lightweight and easy to handle and install.nMultifoils do not contain any irritating fibres, unlike wool insulation. nFoil insulation roll effectively prevents any risk of condensationnnnApplications:nnnFoil insulation can be used in conjunction with any type of insulation.nFoil insulation roll is also used to insulate below the rafter, ceiling and as internal wall insulation. nn

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