Aluminium Dome Head Rivets for Cladding

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Dome head rivets are made of superior quality aluminium. They have a standard low profile head, which makes the dome head rivets useful for various applications. Rivets are typically used for fixing all cladding products. The high-quality aluminium rivets have excellent tensile strength and provide a clean and secure closing. nnThe high-quality aluminium dome head rivets provide a neat and professional finish to the cladding work. They are rust proof and corrosion resistant. They have a strong grip and easily attach themselves to the cladding material.nnProduct Specifications:nnnSize: 3.2 x 0.8mmnAluminium rivetsn1,000 pcs per boxnnnKey Features:nnnDome head rivets are ideal for permanent fastener applicationsnTop-quality rivet connectionnProvides clean and secure closingnHigh tensile strength and resistancenRivets are made with high-quality aluminium.nThey are resistant to corrosion and rust.nnnApplication:nnnDome head rivets are used in many applications.nThey can be used for commercial and domestic applications.nThe dome head rivets can be used to fix cladding products.nnnProduct Details:nnnSize: 3.2 x 0.8mmnMaterial: AluminiumnSupplied 1,000 per boxnn

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