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Aluminium End Capping is used to give a clean and neat finish to bare ends of pipe insulation. It is used to shield exposed insulation from any harm, and increase the life of the pipe insulation. It protects personnel against the airborne tiny fibres of insulation and also from insulation fall out. They improve workplace safety. nnAluminium end caps can be fitted into place using just a single rivet or aluminium tapes. Manufactured using coils of the aluminium strip, it gives a tidy, practical, and safe solution at the ends of insulated pipes. Aluminium end-capping is a long-lasting, durable and rust-proof product.nnProduct Specifications:nnnLength: 10mnThicknesses Available: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mmnnnKey Features:nnnGives a neat and clean finish for pipe insulation installationnEasy to fit into place.nIncreases the life of insulation.nProtects pipes from insulation wear-out.nImproves workplace safety.nAluminium end-caps protect personnel from airborne fibres of wool insulation.nnnApplications:nnnAluminium end caps give a neat finish to foil-faced pipe insulation installation. nIt can be used on Insulated boilers and steam pipes.nnnProduct Details:nnnMaterial: Aluminium.nVariants available suits 50mm / 40mm / 30mm and 25mm pipe sections. nn

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