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nnTo reduce heat loss in pipes and ducts, the insulation must be installed and secured correctly. Spray adhesives from Anglo adhesives are made exclusively to secure the insulation duct and pipe lagging in place.nnIt forms quick yet strong bonds with the insulation, securing them perfectly around the pipe and ductwork. Hence saving both energy and money. Spray Insulation Adhesives from Anglo Adhesives come in an easy-to-hold and use container that can quickly help you cover a large area, thus reducing the installation time in half. nnSpray adhesives are used for quick and easy installation of duct wrap and pipe insulation sections. It is also compatible with wood, foam rubber insulation, plastic and carpet backing.nnThe spray adhesive is basically a liquid glue that comes with an aerosol can. Spray adhesives do not compromise on binding strength in any way. As the spray adhesives are highly flammable, one must wear appropriate PPE to prevent any accidents or mishaps. nnProduct Specification:nnnProduct Size:500ml can nnnKey Features:nnnVersatile product used in many applications.nEnables user to cover a larger surface.nQuick and efficient bonding.nSpray adhesives enable easy adhesion of duct and pipe lagging.nThe product comes in one easy-to-use can,nSpray adhesive is easy to work with.nThe spray adhesives do not cause any harm to the environment.nnnApplications: nnnSpray adhesive is used to secure the duct wrap and pipe insulation sections.nIt can also be used on wood, foam rubber insulation, plastic and carpet backing.nSpray adhesives also find application in packaging, decorating, furniture and flooring. nIt is also perfect for joining polythene sheeting which is in turn used in creating a barrier during asbestos treatment and removal.nnnProduct Details: nnnAerosol Spray adhesive.nFlash point: -17 anddeg;CnStable under normal conditions.nAvoid keeping the adhesives near any source of heat, spark or high temperatures.nRelative Density: 0.71g/m3nn

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