Armaflex Pipe Insulation – Nitrile Rubber- Black Pipe Lagging

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nnArmaflex Pipe Insulation is a flexible, closed-cell, elastomeric black foam tubing ideal to insulate pipes in HVAC and plumbing applications. It can be used to insulate all types of pipework across all projects. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, it effectively minimises heat loss thereby keeping hot water hot. nnNitrile rubber pipe insulation sections also provides better freeze protection and are therefore used to insulate cold or chilled applications. Armaflex Pipe Insulation is Class O rated and complies with building regulationsnnMade with superior quality nitrile rubber, this black foam tubing has an in-built vapour barrier. This vapour barrier protects your pipes from corrosion, thereby minimising damages to pipes. It helps improve the overall performance of the pipework and also increases logetivity of the pipes.nnNot only that, Armaflex Pipe Insulation also has an in-built microbe protection that does not allow bacteria of any kind to grow or flourish in the application. This feature helps restricts the growth of Leginnories bacterium, in particular, thereby reducing the risk of infection.nnThese unspilt nitrile pipe insulation sections are quite easy to install as well. They are cut to size using a sharp utility knife and easily installed around pipes using Armaflex 520 or similar adhesives. For outdoor pipe insulation, you will have to use appropriate cladding insulation like PIB or stucco aluminium cladding. nn nnKey Features:nnnArmaflex Pipe Insulation is a black rubber foam pipe lagging, ideal for insulating both heating and cooling pipe applications.nMade with top-quality nitrile rubber for improved energy savings.nBuilt-in vapour barrier in Armaflex Pipe Insulation reduces the risk of condensation.nNitrile rubber pipe lagging minimises the risk of costly affairs like pipe freeze and pipe bursts.nClass O pipe insulation complies with building regulations.nRestricts bacterial growth in pipeworknnnApplications nnArmaflex Pipe Insulation is a flexible elastomeric nitrile rubber foam is:nnnIdeal to insulate the heating and hot water pipes (service temperature up to +110?C)nPerfect for insulating air conditioning, chilled or cold water pipes with temperatures as low as -50?C.nFor domestic pipe insulation. Commercial and industrial pipe lagging.nn nn

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