Bertazzoni PRO106L3EROT Professional 100cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker Red

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The triple-oven range cooker is the pinnacle of versality. The main 11-function electric oven features a digital programmer that allows a perfect control of cookin it displays the oven functions selected, manages time during cooking and gives feedback onreal-time temperature. The useful auxiliary oven, without fan, has six modes. A powerful adjustable grill is provided in the third oven.nnHob has six versatile gas burners in brass including two dual-ring power burners.nnMatching range hood and backsplash available.nn nnColours shown will vary depending on your screen settings and resolution. Contact your dealer for further advice.nnGas cookin the choice of professionalsnnMany professional cooks prefer to cook with gas because of its versatility and controllability. And the benefits are appreciated by many home chefs as well as, helping them produce dishes that are beautifully cooked. Bertazzoni gas ovens and gas burners are intuitive to operate and will give you confidence to try new dishes and styles of cooking.nnCook cleanly and efficientlynnGas ovens are ideal for baking fish and roasting meat. Reaching high temperatures quickly, they seal the food, making it crispy on the outside and retaining moisture inside. The non-convection mode is excellent for baking cakes, while the fan-assisted mode ensures an even heat distribution for single and multi-level roasting and baking without flavor crossover.nnTemperature adjustments are instantaneous, and precise. Bertazzoni gas cooktops are beautiful and practical. Solid brass or Black Monobloc burners ensure infinitely adjustable, even and efficient heating of pans.nnAll cookers feature a 5 kW dual ring power burner and commercial grade cast iron continuous surface grates. The stainless steel work stamped out of one piece features radius corners and surface transitions allowing for easy and fast cleaning.nnFeatures / TechnologiesnnHigh-efficiency gas maintop designnnSingle piece stainless maintop with spill-prevention barriersnnSealed high-performance power burners and reduced distance between flame and cookware, providing category-leading time-to-boil performancennLarger distance between burners to follow for multiple pansnnProduct shown features brass burners, available on select modelsnnColours and finishesnnBertazzoni prides itself on bringing together industrial production methods and engineering skills with elegant Italian design flair.nnTo create our four new special finishes we were inspired by the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship. Each Bertazzoni appliance is an elegant combination of form and function, technology and inimitable style. nnThese special finishes take this thinking to a new level. Our designers and engineers were inspired by the flawless paintwork found on beautiful Italian sports cars, the metalwork and powder-coated finishes created by the artisans of Italy and the traditional enamel finishes of Bertazzoni’s original stoves. nnEach finish is matched with different series to complete a sophisticated and instantly recognisable look. Whichever Series and finish you choose, it will bring a unique touch to the look and style of your kitchen.nnAutomotive PaintnnWhen Bertazzoni’s designers decided to bring vibrant colour to the Professional Series they found inspiration in the Emilia-Romagna region – the landscape, the fruit and vegetables, the light of the sun and the moon.nnTransferring these natural colours to our Professional Series freestanding cookers demanded an added level of applied science. Northern Italy’s sports car manufacturers have perfected ways to apply colours to metal that are both breathtaking and resilient. Partnering with them, they’ve applied this unique finish and colours to Bertazzoni appliances. Highly-skilled craftsmen apply multiple layers of colour by hand.nnThe result is hard-wearing, resistant to acids and temperature corrosion. It is available in 6 high-gloss colours – Nero, Bianco, Giallo, Arancio and Rosso, plus a special new colour – Carbonio. As well as being very beautiful, these colours are also very durable, stain and fade resistant.

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