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Hempwool insulation slabs are a natural and healthier alternative to wool insulation slabs. Made with about 85% hemp wool, these insulation slabs give superior thermal and acoustic insulation in every application.nnThanks to their low thermal conductivity of just about 0.039 W/m.K, they help keep heat indoors. They help soundproof roofs, walls, suspended floors and more. With their low water diffusion resistance, they prevent water ingress no matter the application.nnHemp wool insulation is made with 85% technical hemp fibres and 15% recycled binding fibres. They are carbon-negative products which means the product or its manufacturing process has not the environment or release any harmful gasses.nnBio Flex – Hempwool insulation slabs can be used to insulate walls, cavity walls, and suspended floors. They are much easier and safer to install. Teh installation also can be done quite quickly. They also give lasting insulation compared to wool insulation.nn nnnnnnThicknessnn Lengthn Widthn Slabs/ PacknPacks/PalletnPallet Coveragennn 50mmn1100mmn600mmn10n10n66 sq.mnnn 100mmn1100mmn600mmn5n5n33 sq.mnnnnnKey Features:nnnInsulation slabs are made of technical hemp wool fibres. Supports a healthy living environmentnWith a thermal conductivity of 0.039 W/m.K, they help save energy and money.nSoundproof walls, roofs, floors and morenEco-insulation batts do not contain harmful glass fibresnThese insulation slabs naturally adapt to awkward and complicated spacesnEasy to install hemp wool insulation. nIt restricts water ingress, has a longer and better life expectancy compared to traditional wool insulationnn nnnApplications:nnBio flex, hemp wool insulation slabs can be used to insulate:nnnWall Insulation – partition, cavity walls and internal wallsnPitched roof insulation – Can be used to insulate above rafter, below and in-betweennSuspended floor insulationnCeiling frame and suspended floor soffits.nThey are also ideal for soundproofing internal walls.nnnPlease Note: Our standard Return policy does not apply to this product. No returns and refunds will be applicable after the order is confirmed via email. Customers have to inform us via call or email of any faults or damages in the product within 3 working days from the date of receipt of BIO Flex. n

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