Blomberg MIN54308N Electric Induction Technology Hob – Black Euronics

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Get more out of your kitchen with this built-in, electric ceramic hob from Blomberg. Its speedy induction technology will make creating tasty meals stress-free.nnThe MIN54308N is exclusive to euronics and Agent stores, so you won’t be able to purchase it from any other retailer.nnMake Cooking Fun AgainnnStay safe while you’re cooking thanks to induction technology. It only switches on the hob when you need it – by detecting your pan, then heating the base and not the surrounding surface. It even knows when something else is placed on the hob, and will only heat up when it’s safe. The zones cool down instantly once the pan is removed, so you don’t have to worry about burnt fingers either. Plus, induction heating provides amazingly rapid, energy-efficient cooking. Getting hungry mouths fed in a hurry won’t be a problem with this model.nnDo you find cleaning your hob a chore? The MIN54308N will make it quick and simple. Induction technology prevents spillages from burning into the surface, and the smooth glass lets you wipe away food debris and dirt with a damp cloth.nnAdapts to Your RequirementsnnThis Blomberg hob features four zones, in varying sizes to suit your needs. Whether you’re cooking a meal for two or the whole family, you’ll be covered without wasting energy. The zones are easy to operate thanks to the touch controls, and you can use the Booster function if you need faster preheating at maximum power.nnWorried about setting up your hob? The easy installation clips mounted on the side offer flexible placement without screws or additional fixtures. The MIN54308N will sit securely wherever it looks best in your kitchen. And, the black built-in design will help it fit seamlessly into your décor while adding a sleek, modern feel.nnGet an extra helping hand in the kitchen with the Blomberg MIN54308N. Add one to your basket now.nn nnKey FeaturesnnImages are for illustration purposes only.nnInduction Hob TechnologynnInduction technology cleverly recognises the size of your pots and pans to offer quick and efficient heating. Using electromagnetic waves, heat is transferred to only the pans surface, resulting in quick, safe and energy efficient cooking. By not using unnecessary heat or energy, you’ll save money on your energy bills too.nn nnBooster FunctionnnThe booster function allows you to set the cooking zone to its maximum power level instantly with the hob returning to the desired heat once boiled. This saves you time and prevents any food from boiling over or burning.nn nnEasy to CleannnBy preventing spillages from burning onto the hob’s surface.The smooth and strong high quality glass makes cleaning even more effortless; simply use a damp cloth to wipe away hardened residue and food remains.nn nnMaximum SafetynnInduction technology’s heating current won’t engage unless you need it to. When cooking, the current breaks as soon as your pan is removed, instantly cooling the surface you were using. The rest of the hobs cooking area is safe and cool to touch as heat is only generated where the pan and zone make direct contact.nn nnEasy Installation ClipsnnInstalling your induction hob couldn’t be quicker. The mounting clips on the side of the hob secure it safely in place without having to use screws or fixing features.nn nnChild LocknnFor peace of mind, the child lock will prevent accidental pressing of buttons that might change the cooking settings and temperature.

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