Blowerproof Airtightness Membrane

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nnSpray or roll-on airtightness membrane by Blowerproof is an easy-to-use and durable airtightness solution and vapour control on entire walls, connections and service penetrations of a building. nnAirtightness membrane quickly adheres to most building surfaces like wood, mortar, PVC or even insulation. It perfectly covers any gaps, cracked or small holes on the building surface. It is also easy to apply to the corners or spaces that cannot be easily reached like those in the roof/wall or wall-floor connections.nnUpon drying it forms a flexible, continuous and lasting membrane that protects your building from any water or air entry. It also acts as an intelligent vapour control layer. It protects your building from the harmful effects of radon rays. It is free of any VOC and harsh chemicals, so it is safe to use. Since it does not contain any organic- solvents, even the dried material can be discarded as non-hazardous waste.nnAirtightness membrane by Blowerproof is very easy to use. Prepare the solution just when you are ready to use it. Simply apply it using a roll-on or spray it using an airless spray device onto the substrate. It is much better to use this liquid membrane than dealing with any paper-based vapour control layers where you have to tape or staple them whilst taking extra care to keep them from getting damaged.nn nnKey Features:nnnA water-based airtightness membrane. VOC and chemical-freenCertified by BBA and Passive House InstitutenEasy to apply. Not labour-intensive and allows for quicker applications.nQuickly adheres to many building surfaces including insulation, concrete and PVC.nForms a flexible, durable and lasting air and vapour control layer upon drying.nCan be easily applied to hard-to-reach or awkward places.nCan be used for new builds and refurbishment projectsnThis airtightness membrane can be rendered, painted or plastered over.nCan also be used on moist surfacesnnnApplication: nnBlowerproof airtightness membrane is best used on:nnnConnections: wall/wall, wall/floor, wall/ceilingnService penetrations, curtain wallsnVapour control layer for entire wallsnInsulation like Rockwool.nnnAirtightness membrane adheres perfectly to concrete, aluminium, stone, wood, metal, insulation, and EPDM.nnInstallation:nnnClean the surface where you intend to apply the airtightness membrane with a vacuum cleaner to rid any loose materials, standing water etc.nClose any gaps more than 5mm deep using a gap-filling mortar.nAirtightness membrane can be applied on damp or moist surfaces.nMix the Blowerproof liquid to a neat, homogeneous consistency with a handheld paddle mixer slowly.nApply this airtightness membrane using an airless spray machine or a long-haired roller.nIt can be applied in two layers if need be, only after the first layer has completely dried off. The blue-coloured liquid turns black upon drying.nFor complete installation guidance, please refer to the manufacturerand#39;s guidelines and datasheet. nn

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