Blowerproof Gap-Filling Mortar

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nnBlowergap gap-filling mortar is a modified cementitious gap filler for walls and other building surfaces. It can effectively close gaps or small holes which are about 2-5mm deep. Without using any specialist tools, you can easily fill these gaps in one go with this high-performing gap-filler by Blowerproof. For anything deeper than 5mm, we recommend using cementitious compounds.nnBlowerproof gap-filling mortar is a non-shrink gap-filler that quickly adheres to most building substrates. It also settles quickly and which helps fasten the application of an airtight membrane, thus saving time. It can also be applied easily in most weather conditions and does not give away quickly. This gap-filling mortar is a long-lasting solution. nn nnKey Features:nnnBlowerproof Gap filling mortar is a non-shrink powder, that adheres quickly to most building materials.nNo specialist tools are required to use this gap-filling mortar.nReady to use pre-mixed powder, made ready for application just by mixing water.nThis gap-filling mortar can cover gaps or spaces up to 5mm deep in one go.nAllows quick adhesion to airtightness membranes.nCan be applied in almost all weather conditions. nThe quick setting feature of this gap-filling mortar allows for faster installation of airtightness membranesnnnHow to use:nnGetting the gap-filling mortar ready for use:nnnRemove the bag of powder from the tub to use the tub as the mixing vessel. nDo not empty all the contents of the bag. Donand#39;t mix more than can be applied within the mortarand#39;s working life (5-10 minutes depending on temperature)nTo make a workable mix, add enough water to the powdernSlowly mix by hand or use a slow-speed stirrer. It will not bleed or shrink if it has a trowelling mortar consistencynnnApplying gap-shrink mortar:nnnBlowerproof Gap Filling Mortar is applied to gaps between 2mm to 5mm.nRid the surface of any dirt or dust. Damp the surface with clean waternWhilst the surface is damp apply the mixed Blowerproof Gap Filling MortarnApply by hand and finish with a float or trowel to achieve the required profilenThe material will be strong enough to withstand impact after 1-2 hoursnFor more details on installation refer to manufacturer guidelines.nn

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