Blowerproof Plasterboard Primer

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nnTo get the maximum out of insulating your home you need to make sure that there are no air gaps or leaks in the insulation. Airtightness membranes help make your home as energy-efficient as possible. It is important that they adhere or stick properly to the surface so they are applied.nnThis is what Plasterboard primer by Blowerproof does. It prepares any water-sensitive or porous surfaces like plasterboard or other gypsum-based materials to allow quick adhesion to airtight membranes, especially water-based liquid membranes.nnIn most cases, airtight membranes do not necessarily need a primer, but a primer does help to fasten the application process. One or two quotes can be applied based on the requirement. They are quite easy to be applied as well. Platerbaords primer can be easily applied even to hard-to-reach corners using an airless spray device.nn nnKey Features:nnnPlasterboard primer by Blowerproof prepares gypsum-based materials for quick adhesion to water-based dispersion coatingsnCan be quickly applied with an airless spray device.nPlasterboard primers adhere quickly to porous materialsnOne 5kg can cover up to 50 square metres.nEasy to clean after usennnApplications:nnBlowerproof plasterboard primer is typically used on:nnnon older dusty substrates non water-sensitive substrates such as gypsum board and gypsum plaster.nn

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