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Aluminium foil tapes by Bond-it are ideal to seal any gaps that may arise when working with foil-faced Handamp;V insulation. Foil tape can also be used to secure the insulation panels or PIR boards to the wall, roof or floors. It gives a smooth and perfect finish when installing the foil-faced ductwrap, duct boards, or any foil-faced pipe insulation. nnFoil tapes from Bond-it are self-adhesive with a high-tack adhesive that sticks very easily onto the insulation. It is a heat and light reflective foil tape suitable for use with ductworks on all types of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Aluminium in these foil tapes ensures water vapour resistance. Foil tape from Bond-it displays a high level of durability, strength, reliability and it can be easily moulded to any surface.nnProduct Specification:nnnFoil tape roll length: 45mnThickness Available: 50mm, 75mm and 100mmnService Temperature: -15anddeg;C to 120anddeg;CnColour: SilvernnnKey Features:nnnFoil tapes provide consistent performance over a wide temperature range.nThey are moisture resistant.nFoil tape has a high-tack self-adhesive bright foil tape.nFoil tapes are easy to apply and can quickly be moulded to any profile.nFoil tapes are heat and light reflective tapenAluminium foil tapes are highly durable, strong and reliable. nThey provide a smooth and neat finish.nnnApplication:nnnFoil Tapes are ideal to seal any gaps when installing foil-faced ductwrap and pipe insulation. nThey can also be used to secure the foil-faced PIR or insulation boards that are used to insulate walls. nThey are perfect for all Handamp;V and building applications. nnnInstallation:nnTo apply foil tape onto the insulation: nnnMake the surface dry and clean any dust present. nRemove the backing paper of the foil tape.nGently peel the required amount of foil tape from the roll, pressing it firmly into place whilst unrolling.nCut the foil tape to the length required with a knife or tear when finished.nn

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