Bosch WDU28561GB Serie 6 Freestanding Washer Dryer * * DELIVERY WITHIN 7-10 WORKING DAYS * *

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Guaranteed to be long-lasting and extraordinarily quietA loud washer-dryer can get very annoying. Especially when you want to have dinner in peace with your family. The Bosch EcoSilence Drive is so quiet, that you could easily forget that your washer-dryer was on. The energy-efficient, brushless motor significantly reduces noise by minimising friction between moving parts. In addition, you also get an especially long life thanks to quality components and a 10-year warranty.nnWash up to 65% faster without compromising resultsSpeedPerfect is a function especially developed for those situations when every second counts. With SpeedPerfect you can reduce your washing time by up to 65%* without compromising results. It can be used in combination with most other programmes, all loads and textiles. For example, by selecting the mix programme in combination with SpeedPerfect, you can thoroughly wash up to 4 kilograms of mix load in just 41 minutes. (*Difference between the duration of Easy Care Programme 40 C and the duration of Easy Care Programme 40 C in combination with SpeedPerfect option.)nnEfficient wash & dry in 1 go and in only 60 minNow you can wash and dry a load thoroughly in just one hour. This programme is suitable for lightly soiled clothes and for washing and drying heat resistant textiles, such as cottons or linen. Maximum load 1kg.

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