Cellecta HiDECK18 Overlay – Underfloor Heating Board

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nnUnderfloor heating is only effective if the heat produced moves upwards where it is meant to be. When you use Cellectaand#39;s high-performing screed overlay you ensure that the heat does upwards and does not escape from below.nnThese overlay boards have low heat resistance and high thermal conductivity, which means they do not restrict or conduct heat fairly quickly through their fabric. This means while using Cellectaandrsquo;s underfloor heating boards, you ensure that your floor is uniformly warm and the heat produced does not escape.nnCellecta HiDECK underfloor heating board is a high-density insulation board compatible with all floor types. This high-performing dry screed overlay board works well with different types of underfloor heating. Due to their high density, these underfloor heating boards have soundproofing properties. nnUnderfloor heating boards are very easy to install. In fact, they have tongue and groove detail that enables quick and easy installation. You will not need screws, adhesive or any other specific installation tools for installing these underfloor heating boards. nnUnlike Chipboards, which are commonly used for these applications, Cellect underfloor heating boards do not expand or shrink when in contact with moisture. This means that these boards remain intact, do not sag or shrink and are unaffected by moisture.nnKey Features:nnnLow thermal resistance ensures that heat produced from underfloor heating moves upwards, where it is meant to be.nHigh Thermal conductivity ensures heat spreads evenly across the floornTongue and groove detail of the underfloor insulation boards enable easy installation. No screws or any special tools are needed.nThese underfloor insulation boards do not expand or shrink when in contact with water.nCompatible with all floor typesnnnApplication:nnnCellecta underfloor heating boards are compatible with all types of flooring and are used in many floor insulation applications.nTheir high density helps with floor soundproofing applications. nn

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