Cellecta HiDeck18 – Polyurethane Adhesive

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Cellecta HiDeck18 adhesive is a high-performing adhesive with a faster curing time. It comes in an easy-to-use one-litre pack which quickly adheres to screed board and other timber applications in underfloor heating or other general applications. Polyurethane adhesives give a neat finish, no matter the application. nnKey Features:nnnHelps to install screed boards in underfloor heating applicationsnMCPU adhesive comes in an easy-to-use, handy packnCan be used for other timber treatments, in general.nThe quick curing time of this adhesive allows for faster installation.nMultipurpose polyurethane adhesive for general applicationsnnnApplication:nnPolyurethane adhesive is best used to install:nnnCellecta HiDeck18 screed boardsnThey are also ideal for use in general applications, timer treatments etc.nn

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