Celotex CW4000 – PIR Cavity Wall Insulation.

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nnCavity wall insulation boards by Celotex are ideal for partial fill cavity wall insulation applications. Celotex PIR is BBA approved, which ensures a hassle-free installation and maintenance for many years. They are light in weight and fit perfectly between wall ties, which helps fasten the installation process. Celotex cavity boards also help nnPIR board with its low thermal conductivity ensures superior thermal insulation in all cavity wall applications. It also has low emissivity foil facings that reflect heat back to the source. With Celotex cavity boards it becomes easier to attain the required U-values at reduced thickness. nnFoil-facing of the cavity board insulation also acts as a continuous vapour barrier, which helps keep water and moisture-related problems away. Foam insulation boards are sustainable and environmentally friendly with an A rating from BRE Green Guide.nnCavity wall boards from Saint-Gobain are dimensionally stable. They do not sag or lose their thermal insulation over time, meaning once installed, you can enjoy saving energy and money for many years together. nnProduct Specifications:nnLength: 1200mmnnWidth: 450mmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnProduct CodennnThicknessnnnBoards / PacknnnCoverage Area/Pack (m2)nnnR-Value (mandsup2;.K/W)nnnnnCW4050nnn50mmnnn11nnn5.94nnn2.45nnnnnCW4075nnn75mmnnn8nnn4.32nnn3.40nnnnnCW4100nnn100mmnnn6nnn3.24nnn4.50nnnnnnnKey Features:nnnCelotex boards ensure long-lasting and superior thermal insulation in partial fill masonry application on all building types.nThey easily fit between the wall ties with the cavity tie clips.nThey do not sag over time. PIR boards have excellent dimensional stability. nCavity wall insulation boards give good energy savings all year round.nSustainable and environmentally friendly product with an A rating from BRE Green Guide You can easily meet all the local and national building regulations easily while using Celotex boards. nnnApplications:nnnCelotex PIR cavity wall insulation boards are used in partial fill applications for all types of buildings.nCelotex PIR can be used in all types of cavity walls.nnnThermal Performance: nnnLow thermal conductivity ensures that the heat is kept in. nCelotex CW4000 also have foil facings on both sides that reflect the heat, thus preventing heat loss through radiation. nOnce installed, Celotex boards give you energy savings for many years.nnnFire Classification: nnCavity board insulation from Celotex has a Euroclass E Reaction to Fire classification, according to BS EN 13501-1. nnEnvironment: nnnCelotex cavity wall insulation has an A rating from BRE Green Guide, meaning the PIR insulation is sustainable and environmentally friendly. nAll Celotex products are manufactured under Environmental Management System andndash; ISO 14001:2015. nnnCertifications:nnnBBA Approved (Cert no 16/5343) for partial fill cavity walls, when installed, used and maintained as set out in the certification.nCelotex CW4000 has obtained the BRE Global Certification Mark. Certificate number ENP413.nAll Celotex products are manufactured under Quality Management Standard andndash; ISO 9001:2015.nCelotex boards are manufactured under Quality Management Standard andndash; ISO 9001:2015.nn

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