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It is critical to insulate condensate pipes to prevent them from freezing and causing structural damage. Condensate pipe insulation connection kit from Condensate Pro is a complete package of all things you need to establish secure connections in condensate pipe insulation. nnAll the products in the connection kit comply with all regulations and the Boiler manufacturerand#39;s instructions. The kit contains all the materials needed by professional installers not only to only install the condensate pipe insulation properly but also to provide the very best protection and finish. nnCondensate Pro connection kit enables easy installation. The superior design of the Condensate Pro products ensures that every condensate pipe that is located outside a building is completely protected against freezing conditions. Condensate Pro kits enable a professional, easy and perfect finish, no matter where itandrsquo;s fitted.nnThe Connection Kit Includes:nnnOne connectionnOne 150gm mastic gun tube of Bond and SealnOne length of spacer barnOne pipe clip (50mm)nnnKey Features:nnnThe connection can be used straight out of the box.nKit contains 150gm Bond andamp; Seal, which can be used to seal any extra spaces if the hole is cored/chopped out too large.nThe connection kit complies with all regulations.nPipe Insulation kit gives a professional and easy finish.nIt is easy to work with.nSuperior quality products in one easy-to-go packaging.nnnHow To Use the Condensate Pipe Insulation Connection Kit?nnThe pre-requisite to use the kit is a 65mm hole, that is if you are taking the insulation through the fabric of the wall to the inside, or taking the insulation and sealing in the fabric of the wall. nnThe pre-made connection is ready to go right out of the box. 150mg Bond andamp; Seal present in the kit can be used to seal the condensate pipe insulation properly in place and also to seal around the inside and outside of the wall. The spacer bar in combination with the 50mm pipe clip ensures that the debris and dirt do not collect behind the insulation.n

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