Connectabox 3-Way Connection Box

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Solco Pyrolecandrsquo;s 3-way connectatube box is a professional quality T-shaped junction box designed to easily accommodate power and/or heating cable entry and connection. The product is IP65 rated. The connectatubes are UV and corrosion-resistant. nnThe 3-way connectabox has a tough weather weatherproof enclosure and overall compact size. It can be used to make power, end, splice, TEE, and elbow connections.nnProduct Specifications:nnnCable entries: 3nMinimum temperature ratin – 40anddeg;CnMaximum temperature ratin 125anddeg;CnnnKey Features: nnnCompact overall size.nTough weatherproof enclosure.nIP65 rated.nAllows easy and quick installation of Solco Pyroelec trace heating cables.nVery versatile and can be used to make power, end, splice, TEE, and elbow connections.nIt helps make long-lasting connections.nThey are UV resistant and waterproof.nConntectabox is corrosion-resistant.nnnApplications:nnnThe 3-way connectabox is typically used to connect power to or splice/tee a heater circuit.nIt is used to make power, end and splice connections.nnnProduct Details:nnnBody material: PA66/SEBS/TPE.nCable termination system: 3 x 3 terminals, 32A, 450V.nn

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