Double Regulating Valve Insulation Jackets

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nnValves are essential connecting points in the piping system and it is necessary to insulate them to avoid problems with the overall functioning of the system. Valve covers help you do just that. They insulate double-regulating valves whilst also protecting them from external damage. In our expert opinion, valve covers are the smartest way to insulate valves and here are reasons why we think so:nnManufacture: At Buy Insulation Online, we store insulation jackets made with superior quality silicone-coated glass cloth. For insulation, we use 25-50mm Sager or Rockwool insulation. The glass cloth ensures a smooth, and neat finish to the valves after installation. Rockwool Insulation helps with heat loss and makes the building more energy-efficient. Valve jackets also have velcro straps and pull cords. They perfectly fit around the double-regulating valves. They also help protect the valves from any external damage.nnThermal Insulation: Low thermal conductivity mineral wool helps protect double-regulating valves from heat loss by giving airtight insulation around valves. So the valve jackets bring in a significant reduction in energy bills and save money, especially in commercial and industrial establishments. nnSafer Workplace: The valve covers help protect your employees from contact with hot surfaces of double-regulating valves, thereby improving workplace safety. They also reduce instances of condensation and sweating double regulating valves. Therefore, no water drips, preventing the formation of tiny water pools in the workplace, which could lead to accidents. nnEasy Maintenance: Valve covers come with velcro straps and pull cords that ensure they snugly fit around double-regulating valves. With no gaps left in the insulation, you will get a more energy-efficient building. This also reduces installation time by half. They can just as easily be removed, for maintaining the valves. Valve covers do not harm the insulation nor the valves in any way, unlike hard, traditional insulation. nnProduct Specification:nnnProduct Sizes: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm and 500mm.nColours: Standard Grey and Standard Black nType: External jackets and Internal jackets.nService Temperature: -20anddeg;C to 220anddeg;CnInsulation: 50mm RockwoolnCoatin Silicone-coated glass cloth nnnKey Features:nnnFlexible valve jackets solutions for double regulating valvesnLightweight, easy to handle and install. nInsulation jackets have velcro flaps and pull cords fasteners for airtight insulationnProvides fully sealed insulation to avoid any airborne contamination and possible harm to personnel.nValve jackets reduced energy bills and improve workplace safety.nProtects the valves against first, rust etc.nPrevents condensation and sweating in valves and pipes.nCost-effective and convenientnValve jackets help improve the service life of valves. nnnApplications:nnnValve jackets are specially designed to fit closely double regulating valves. nThey are provided with Velcro flaps and pull cords.nnnNote:nnnAll Valve jackets are made to order, No returns, refunds or exchanges will be applicable. If you are unsure of the size, please email us a picture of the valve and its dimensions for our experts to access and make the valve covers suitable for your application. We will assist you in any way we can.nLead times for screwed valve covers within the UK: 1-10 units: 5-7 working days, Anything above that, please email us for the lead times. nWe do site surveys and supply valve covers or we can only survey your premises. If you would like a site survey, kindly email us your site address.nThe prices for the chilled/cold water valve jackets may differ from the ones displayed on the website. Chilled/cold water valves usually need to be wrapped with a vapour barrier which would increase the size of the jacket required and also the cost. If you need chilled/cold water valve covers, please mail us your requirements at and we will send you a quote for your order. nn

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