Elica Fantasia 80cm Chimney Hood Black

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Synthesis of contemporary values:style, technology, innovation.An object with a simple composition: a single element, the elegant front panel with rounded corners that conceals a high performance technological core. The panel is a new system with a cavity that captures the air conveyed from the entire perimeter. A surprising extraction system that develops in the thickness of the panel and extends for a length of 3 metres, capturing cooking fumes and vapours from any point.Fantasia, made using white glass, black glass or Silestone, has a revolutionaryinfrared control interface, positioned at the side so that the extraction and lighting features can be managed with a simple touch. In perfect harmony with the panel, the command completes and enhances the product design.Thereduced electrical consumptionrelated to the motorisation and LED lighting makes Tiffany ready for future inclusion in theClass A energy category.Fantasia is also versatile in installation in filtering or extracting mode or with back aspiration, the system that rotates the motor enabling the fumes to evacuate at the rear of the product.Careful attention to detail, choice of materials and the innovative extraction system make Fantasia acontemporary product that looks to the future.

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