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NIKOLATESLA FITnnFor all those who don’t want to compromise on excellence even in small spaces. All the advantages of an aspiration hob even in the most compact kitchens.nnThis new space saving, stylish, frameless black glass surface hob with central duct extraction. nnNikolatesla FIT allows maximum flexibility in both the ducted and recirculating version, solving all space issues without compromising on hood performance, cooking zone power and dimensions, even in 60 cm cabinets.nnThe surface is continuous when aspiration is not required and air extraction can be activated by a simple switch, when needed. Moreover, NikolaTesla FIT automatically adjusts the aspiration level, maintaining the perfect balance between silence, power and energy efficiency thanks to Autocapture technology.nnGrease and high-performance regenerable odor filters can be effortlessly removed from the top, and similarly the inner part can be accessed to clean any accidental spills. Moreover, a special valve allows the drainage of any spilled liquids, thus ensuring maximum hygiene for your kitchen.

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