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nnHeat Pak Dual Overlay is the perfect overlay system that brings your underfloor heating and flooring together. It is a free-floating subfloor panel compatible with all types of flooring and underfloor heating system.nnOverlay boards by Heat-Pak have a low thermal resistance that allows the precious heat energy generated by underfloor heating to pass through to the surface quickly for a speedy warm-up time and optimal comfort. These underfloor insulation boards also enable the inclusion of insulation for maximum comfort. nnnnEach pack of dual overlay systems consists of a 3mm baseboard and 4 mm top board. Both these insulation boards for underfloor heating are made with superior quality MDF or medium-density fibreboard. The twin layers of the overlay system use an overlap joint design for a smooth surface and eliminate lines. You will only need a small amount of adhesive or tape to hold the overlay system in place. It gives you a clean, smooth finish.nnnnThe heat-Pak subfloor panel is quite easy to install. Installation takes little time and is much quicker and easier to apply than a conventional smoothing solution. The whole installation process is fully dry, making it cleaner, and there is no waiting period, which means that the flooring can be installed right away. Electric cable, mat, foil, or film system installation is simpler with Heat-Pakandreg; than with the wet screed technique. nnnnHeat-Pak insulation boards are not suitable for use in bathrooms, en suites, wetrooms or other wet places as they expand on contact with moisture. In any of these locations, you must use an underfloor heating mat with a self-levelling compound when laying carpet or vinyl.nnnnKey Features:nnnUnderfloor insulation boards are compatible with all floor types. nLow thermal resistance enables heat to pass through quickly.No heat lossnInsulation boards are compatible with electric cable, mat, foil, or film systemnNo wait time is needed, fastens floor installation.nEasy to install and work withnSubfloor panels give a seamless finishing nApplied over underfloor heating and below the flooring of choice.nnnProduct Details: nnnMaterial: Medium density fibreboard with an interactive adhesivenLength : 1200mmnWidth: 600mnThickness of top board: 4mmnThickness of bottom board: 3mmnDensity: 770 kg/m3nThermal Rm Value: 0.047m2.K.W.-1nFire Class: B2 (DIN4102)nBending Strength: andgt;40nnnApplication:nnThe heat-Pak boards form a stable and smooth overlay system for all resilients and carpets. It is applied over underfloor heating and below the flooring of choicen

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