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Isogenopak bradawl is specially designed to secure the isogenopak rivets onto the cladding. They can be used on the isogenopak cladding and the bends. Isogenopak sheeting and fittings are secured with specially developed bradawl insert rivets.nnBradawls are the rivet-fitting tools used on Isogenopak products.nnA special bradawl for inserting rivets into Isogenopak sheeting and fittings.nnKey Features: nnnConvenient and easy to use bradawlnSaves time and energy.nGives a neat and professional finish.nnnWhat is Isogenopak and why is it used?nnnIsogenopak is a rigid PVC sheet that protects insulated pipelines and ducts against extreme conditions and high temperatures. It shields the insulated pipe and ductwork from moisture, thus increasing the service life of the insulation and the pipework.nIsogenopak cladding is made to fit inside the houseand#39;s pipes and ducts with thermal and sound insulation. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -20anddeg;C to +65anddeg;C.nThe isogenopak claddingand#39;s flat surface has good anti-static qualities. The isogenopak cladding makes the duct and piping seem neat and tidy.nIt is resistant to oils, grease, acids, alkalis, and caustic chemicals. It is unaffected by salt or freshwater.nThe inherent curl of isogenopak insulation reduces installation time and eliminates the need for maintenance once putnn

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