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Isogenopak insulation adds an additional layer of protection to the insulated. pipes and ductwork. The isogenpoak cladding is held in place using isogenopak rivets. nnThe isogenopak rivets come in packs of a thousand pieces. They provide a neat finish to the isogenopak insulation installed in duct and pipework. They can be used to fasten both the isogenopak rolls and the bends. They are specially designed to enable fast attachment to the isogenopak cladding and bends. nnProduct Specifications: nnnFinish: Light grey.nQuantity: 1000pcs per box.nnnKey Features:nnnProvides a neat finish to the isogenopak cladding.nRivets are specially designed to attach isogenopak rolls and bends.nThey are plastic bends sold in 1000pcs per bag.nIsogenopak cladding- both rolls and bends- can be easily held in place.nnnWhat is Isogenpak cladding and what are its uses?nnnIsogenopak is a self-extinguishing PVC film that provides extra protection for insulated pipelines and ducts. It protects the pipework from high temperatures, moisture and extreme environments. nInsulation made of isogenopak is practically impervious to water and does not corrode.nItand#39;s designed to accommodate thermal and sound insulation put in pipes and ducts inside the house.nIsogenopak cladding performs well in extreme temperatures, spanning -20anddeg;C to +65anddeg;C.nThe smooth surface of the isogenopak cladding provides good anti-static properties.nThe isogenopak insulationand#39;s natural curl decreases installation time, and once installed it need not be maintained.nThe isogenopak cladding gives the duct and piping a sleek and tidy appearance.nOils, grease, acids, alkalis, and caustic substances are all resistant to it. Salt and freshwater have no effect on itnn

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