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nnIsover Climcover Duct Insulation in a NutshellnnIf youand#39;re looking for duct insulation, you can do much worse than choose Isover Climcover Ductwrap. This strong, flexible and easy to handle fibreglass ductwrap, incorporates a factory-applied aluminium foil facing providing an inherent vapour barrier. Climcover mineral wool duct insulation is one of the easiest, fastest and most cost effective ways to insulate your ductworknnIn our expert opinion, it is probably the best duct wrap on the market. The reasons for this are – nnnIts Construction – Made in the UK in their factory at Runcorn, near Liverpool, Isover Duct insulation is robust and you know it has gone through rigorous safety and quality assurance testing. It will not give off too many fibres during installation and the foil face stays glued to the fibreglass ductwrap itself, unlike some other brands. nPerformance – Easily one of the best on the market in this regard. Meets British Standard BS5422:2009 for thermal insulation and has a Thermal Conductivity of 0.037 W/mK at 40anddeg;C. For acoustic insulation, it is a cost-effective way to soundproof pipes, soil stacks and of course for acoustic ducting as well.nPrice – As far as duct lagging goes, Isover Climcover duct wrap is probably the cheapest ductwrap per square metre that is made in the UK. You can get duct insulation from China or elsewhere in the world cheaper thatand#39;s true, but they have nowhere near the quality or safety standards that Isover Climcover duct insulation has. nEase of Install – Providing you use a sharp, non-serrated insulation knife, Isover Ductwrap is easy to cut and fashion into any shape you can think of. Great for use as valve insulation along with being used to wrap hot water cylinders, SVP, tanks and pretty much anything else that requires thermal or acoustic insulation. nSafe – Non-Combustible with an A2 Euroclass fire rating with Class 0 compliance. Isover Ductwrap will not contribute to the spread of flames in a fire. Isover duct wrap is chemically inert and will not react with ductwork materials. CE Marked: Certificate Number 1121-CPR-BA0158 to EN14303:2015nBetter for the planet – Climcover is manufactured from up to 86% recycled glass. This makes this duct wrap one of the most environmentally sustainable duct insulation products on the market today as it doesnand#39;t rely solely on virgin materials to make it, such as the case with Rockwool ductwrap or Kingspan duct insulation for example. nnnWhat is Isover Climcover duct insulation and what does it do?nnClimcoverand#39;s range of duct insulation effectively reduces the energy consumption of any ventilation heating or cooling equipment. It does this by passively preventing the warmth or cooling that you have paid good money for to condition the air from escaping via heat loss/heat gain from your uninsulated ductwork. This in turn makes your building more energy-efficientnnThese duct rolls are 1.2m in width as standard and come in 3 thicknesses and are not too heavy and easy to carry and install. Climcover duct insulation is suitable for continuous service temperatures from 5anddeg;C to 150anddeg;C.nnTo complete the installation, you will need aluminium foil tape to seal it to itself and joints, lacing wires to mechanically hold it together to prevent it from springing off and optionally you can place Ductwork identification triangles as well so the service can be identified easily.nnIsoverand#39;s duct insulation is ideal for use inside and outside a building. However, the appropriate cladding will be required for external applications such as Aluminium stucco cladding, polyisobutylene or a 5 ply laminate such as Pro Clad, Ventureclad or Klasseclad.nnIsover ductwrap help prevents duct sweating and condensation issues. It can be used to insulate chilled water pipes, water tanks, ductwork and vessels. Works great in conjunction with valve covers/valve insulation jackets to effectively insulate valves and equipment. nnTechnical Specification:nnnnnnnnnnnnThickness(mm)nnnLength (m)nnWidth (mm)nnPack Coverage Area (m2)nnnnn25nnn18nn1200nn21.60nnnnn40nnn12nn1200nn14.40nnnnn50nnn9nn1200nn10.80nnnnnn nnnApplications: nnnIsover ductwrap insulation is ideal for circular ductwork as well as square and rectangular ducting.nClimcover ductwrap can be used to insulate large pipes, water tanks, ductwork and vessels.nCan be used as chilled water valve insulation and used on chilled water equipment, to prevent sweating/condensation issues. Great for use with valve covers.nIsoverand#39;s duct insulation is suitable for both internal and external applications, though appropriate weatherproof cladding will be required when installed outdoors such as Klasseclad, polyisobutylene or aluminium stucco cladding.nnnFire Classification:nnnEuroclass A2 Reaction to Fire classificationnDuctwrap insulation is suitable for continuous service temperatures from 5anddeg;C to 150anddeg;CnnnInstallation:nnnClimcover Ductwrap insulation is light in weight and easy to carry.nThis brand of duct insulation, Isover, manufactures superior quality ductwrap, meaning fast and efficient cutting and fitting.nUse aluminium foil tapes, lacing wires, ductwork identification triangles and any kind of ductwork cladding that is needed to complete the installation.nnnProduct Credentials -nnnCE Marked: Certificate Number 1121-CPR-BA0158 to EN14303:2015nIsover Climcover Duct insulation complies with BS 5422:2009 / EN 14303nEuroclass A2 fire rating when classified with BS EN 13501-1 – Indicating limited combustibility.nMED Certified.nZero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential), GWP andlt; 5 (Global Warming Potential).nAchieves the criteria for smoke generation and toxicity given in IMO Resolution MSC 61 (67). (Smoke and Toxicity Test to Part 2, Annex 1 and 2 of the Fire Test Procedures Code) Toxicity – Meets Def Stan 713 for military vessels.nIt has zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)nWill not accelerate corrosion with all copper, steel and aluminium plant and equipment.nIt is made from up to 86% recycled glass.nThermal Conductivity: 0.037 W/mK at 40anddeg;C.nn

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