Isover Climcover Strong Ductwrap Insulation

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nnnnnInsulating ductwork helps with energy savings and makes your home more energy-efficient. Fibreglass duct insulation rolls by Isover protect ducts in the Handamp;V system from heat loss, thereby reducing energy bills. Isover ductwrap is lightweight, easy to carry and install. They have a factory-applied aluminium foil facing, which provides an inherent vapour barrier to the ductwork. Duct Insulation gives way to a quiet and more efficient workplace.nnFibreglass ductwrap insulation by Isover help prevents duct sweating and condensation issues. They increase the operational life of the ductwork all the while improving the air quality in your facilities. Ductwrap insulation is ideal for applications inside and outside a building (appropriate cladding will be required for outside applications). It is also used to insulate large pipes, water tanks, ductwork and vessels. Fibreglass duct insulation offers a tight and high-quality finish. It is suitable for continuous service temperatures from 5anddeg;C to 150anddeg;C.nnProduct Details:nnnnnnnnnnnnThickness(mm)nnnLength(m)nnWidth(mm)nnPack Coverage Area (m2)nnnnn25nnn15nn1200nn18nnnnn40nnn9.5nn1200nn11.4nnnnn50nnn7.5nn1200nn9nnnnnnnKey Features:nnnGlass Mineral wool ductwrap insulation offers significant energy savingsnThey are cost-effective and convenient.nDuct insulation protects the ductwork from external thermal variationnClimcover Ductwrap insulation meets building regulations nIt reduces the operational noise of the ductwork. nDuctwrap insulation from Isover helps improve air quality in your facilities.nDuctwrap insulation is easy to carry and install. nClimcover ductwrap is rated A+ in the BRE Global Green GuidennnApplications: nnnDuctwrap insulation by Isover is ideal for circular metal ductwork.nThey are used to insulate large pipes, water tanks, ductwork and vessels.nIt is suitable for both internal and external applications, though appropriate cladding will be required when placed outdoors.nnnFire Classification:nnnEuroclass A2 Reaction to Fire classificationnDuctwrap insulation is suitable for continuous service temperatures from 5anddeg;C to 150anddeg;CnnnEase of installation:nnnClimcover Duct insulation from Isover is light in weight.nIt provides mechanical strength to the ductwork.nDuctwrap insulation allows fast and efficient cutting and fitting on-sitennnProduct Details:nnnIsover Climcover Ductwrap insulation complies with BS 5422:2009, which means it gives significant energy savings.nIt is made from up to 86% recycled glass.nThermal Conductivity: 0.036 W/mK at 40anddeg;C.nDuctwrap insulation has a Euroclass A2 fire rating when classified with BS EN 13501-1 – Indicating andlsquo;limited combustibilityand#39;.nIt has zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)nCE marked.nn

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