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nnWith many years of installation experience in our team, the consensus is that Isover pipe insulation is the fastest, most economical mineral wool pipe lagging on the market today. Easy to install, the labour costs involved with pipe insulation installation are reduced when this product is specified. nnSpecially designed as dual-use pipe lagging. Perfect for Thermal and Acoustic insulation applications. Isover Climpipe is a strong, lightweight, pre-formed fibreglass pipe insulation section that can and#39;snap onand#39; to pipe easily.nnIsover Climcover is ideal for insulating all types of pipework. The sections come with a strengthened aluminium foil covering and a self-adhesive overlap, making installation rapid and ensuring a strong vapour barrier. nnIsover Pipe Insulation comes with an Aluminium face, making it and#39;Class Oand#39; and resistant to the spread of flame. Climcover is a lightweight, flexible and mechanically strong, fibreglass pipe insulation solution from Isover. It is designed to provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation to the pipework. They are manufactured in lengths of 1.2M which ensures low thermal bridging, as compared to other pipe lagging products.nn nnProduct Specification:nnnLength: 1.2m.nInsulation material: Foil-faced glass mineral wool.nThey are supplied in thicknesses ranging from 20-60mm nManufactured under Quality Management System – ISO 9001.nnnKey Features:nnnFibreglass pipe insulation is lightweight and easy to install.nProvides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation to pipeworknPipe insulation from Isover is ideal for insulating all kinds of pipeworknEnvironmentally friendly product. Made with 70% recycled glass.nManufactured in 1.2m lengths, these glass wool pipe insulation sections effectively lower thermal bridgingnClimpipe is suitable for outdoor applications when used in conjunction with suitable pipe insulation cladding.nSince these are made from inorganic chemically biosoluble materials these pipe insulation sections are resistant to corrosion, microbial growth and moulds.nLink to Isover Official Clim pipe insulation webpage can be found herennnAcoustic performance:nnnIsover Climpipe pipe insulation reduces the natural sound wave damping effect andamp; noise levels from wastewater and soil pipe services.nEffectively absorbs sound and offers excellent soundproofing for noisy pipes.nnnThermal performance:nnnIsover pipe insulation offers excellent energy savings nThermal bridging is greatly reduced as this pipe lagging is manufactured in 1.2M lengths, resulting in fewer joints during installation.nConsistent density and concentric positioning of the bore of Isover sections give consistent thermal performance along the length of the pipennnFire Classification:nnnEuroclass A2L – s1, d0 fire rating when classified with EN 13501-1 Class O compliance as defined in Building Regulations.nIsover pipe insulation is compliant with London Underground fire safety performance requirementsnnnRecycled glass:nnnManufactured from up to 80% recycled glass.nEnvironment-friendly pipe insulation.nnnService temperature:nnnSuitable for continuous service temperatures from 5anddeg;C to 500anddeg;C nThe temperature on the aluminium facing should not exceed 80anddeg;C nWhen using the product below ambient conditions, care must be taken to ensure a 100% vapour barrier is maintained.nnnApplications:nnnIdeal for use on all types of pipework.nFibreglass pipe insulation sections can be used to insulate pipework internally and externally (with appropriate pipe insulation cladding)nnnnnNote:nnn108 x 40mm and 83mm pipe lagging is considered non-standard sizes and is available only in box quantities. Price available on request.nPipe sections above 30mm thickness (i.e. pipe thicknesses- 40mm, 50mm and 60mm) are ordered in items i.e non shelf items and will have a lead time of approx. 7 days.nn

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