Isover RD Party Wall Insulation Roll

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Party wall insulation by Isover is a low-cost, acoustic insulation roll that reduces the sound transmission across a masonry party wall while also reducing air movement within the cavity. It enhances the thermal performance of the masonry party walls. The insulation rolls by Isover are available in 75 and 100mm thicknesses. They are strong, durable and flexible acoustic insulation rolls that come in ready-cut – 2 x 455mm that can easily fit between standard wall tie spacing.nnThe medium-density mineral wool insulation roll is primarily used for sound insulation in party wall structures. The party wall insulation is known for its outstanding acoustic performance. When used as part of a Robust Detail structure, it helps to prevent unwanted noise between attached properties. It can help achieve the required U-value as stipulated in the building regulations. The party wall insulation rolls are environment friendly and do not contain or emit any harmful gases. nnProduct Specifications:nnnnnnnnnnnnnLength (mm)nnnWidth (mm) nnnThickness (mm) nnnArea Coverage (m2)nnnnn8500nnn2 x 455nnn75nnn7.74nnnnn6000nnn2 x 455nnn100nnn5.46nnnnnnnnnKey Features: nnnPart wall insulation by Isover offers excellent thermal performance in masonry party walls.nThey are made with environmentally friendly products.nThe mineral wool insulation roll provides effective thermal insulation.nThe party wall insulation is non-combustible. It has Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire classification.nIt saves time and cost when used as a part of robust detail construction.nThe Isover party wall roll by Saint-Gobain can achieve a zero U-value for party walls, as defined in Building Regulations (Approved Document L1A, Table 3)nIt is made of 75% recycled glass.nThe insulation roll is non-hygroscopic and rot-proof.nThe part wall roll does not support the growth of moulds or fungi. nnnApplications: nnThe party wall Insulation by Isover provides excellent acoustic insulation in -nnnParty wall constructions,nSeparating walls/Robust Detail constructions.nnnCertifications:nnnManufactured under BSI Quality Management. Certificate Number FM 01032 and under Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004;nApproved as Robust Detail E-WM-6, E-WM-10, E-WM-13 and E-WM-17;nEuroclass A1 fire rating when classified with BS EN 13501-1.nn

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