Kingspan Aluminium Faced Thermaduct Insulation Boards

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nnTherma Duct Insulation by Kingspan is high-performance thermal insulation that provides a neater, more seamless finish than non-rigid glass or rock mineral fibre duct wraps. Therma duct solutions are used to insulate ductwork and associated equipment outdoors. The closed-cell structure of the PIR core in the Therma duct insulation restricts the transfer of heat within the material, making it ideal to insulate ductworks.nnThermaduct from Kingspan has low-emissivity foil facings on both sides, which ensure heat is reflected back and also works as a vapour barrier. It makes the thermaduct insulation moisture-resistant. nnDuct insulation by Kingspan is perfectly designed for use on rectangular and square-shaped ductwork in HVAC / building services applications. Kingspan Therma Duct Insulation is an ideal solution for all types of projects. It can be used for both new build and refurbishment projects in the residential, commercial, institutional, light industrial and leisure sectors. nnProduct Specification:nnnLength: 2.4mnWidth: 1.2mnCoverage: 2.88m2nThickness Available: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm.nnnKey Features:nnnThe closed-cell structure of these duct insulation material ensures minimal heat transfer through the fabric.nThey have a fibre-free rigid thermoset polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core.nThe low emissivity foil on both sides of these Therma duct boards ensures moisture resistance.nDuct insulation is chemically inert and safe to use.nTherma duct boards by Kingspan help increase air quality.nDuct boards protect the ductwork from dirt, dust, and other issues like condensation, seating and more.nTherma duct boards are free of materials that cause ozone depletion or have global warming potential.nTherma duct insulation gives uniform thermal insulation in all corners of the ductworks.nnnApplication:nnnProvides thermal insulation on rectangular, flat and square-shaped ductwork in HVAC applications and building services.nUsed to insulate ductwork and associated equipment outdoorsnTherma duct boards are especially suitable for high specification projects where non-fibrous insulation may be preferred like in the food and pharmaceutical industries.nnnProduct Features:nnnService temperature: – 20anddeg;C to + 80anddeg;C.nThermal conductivity: 0.023 W/mK nFire Classification: European fire classification of E to BS EN 13501-1: 2018.nFacings: Low emissivity composite foilnMaterial: PIR corenUnit: Boardnn

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