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Kingspan pipe insulation sections have been developed to give optimum performance in terms of insulation efficiency, compressive strength, fire resistance, and most importantly, cost. It gives excellent value for money.nnPhenolic pipe insulation is one of the most popular pipe lagging materials on the market alongside glasswool and rockwool insulation. However, compared to these two, phenolic pipe insulation has a vastly superior lower thermal conductivity. It will keep pipes warm or cold better than the vast majority of insulation materials in existence.nnThis characteristic allows for much thinner pipe insulation thicknesses than other materials would allow, which in turn means less space required within boxing-ins, ceiling voids and other areas where space is at a premium.nnItand#39;s only really bested by Aerogel pipe insulation, which is not something that is widely available due to its cost and difficulty to install. Therefore it could be said that Kingspan pipe insulation is the best pipe lagging if judged by its ability to thermally insulate pipework alone. nnAs shown in the graphic below it allows for much thinner wall thicknesses than all the other insulation materials shown.nnnnIt is easy to install and works well on all kinds of pipework across project types.nnProduct Specifications:nnnLength: 1m long.nInsulation material: Foil-faced phenolic foam.nThey are supplied in thicknesses of 15-50mm with a range of inner diameters of 15-168mm nnnKey Features andamp; Benefits:nnThermal Performance:nnnKingspan Pipe Insulation is the most thermally efficient insulation material commonly used for insulating pipes.nThe thermal conductivity of phenolic pipe insulation is as low as 0.025 W/mandmiddot;K (at 10anddeg;C mean in accordance with EN14314) nLow thermal conductivity allows phenolic pipe insulation to achieve higher standards of thermal efficiency, fire resistance and compressive strength than most other insulation materials. nnnFire Performance:nnKingspan pipe Insulation has excellent fire resistance as detailed below.nnnWhen exposed to fire, the outer surface of this phenolic lagging develops a thick carbonaceous layer that limits heat generation and retards further flame spread. nFoam pipe insulation is provided with a densely cross-linked structure that makes them difficult to ignite.nFire ratin BL,s1,d0 means the product only adds a small amount to fire, produces very little smoke, and does not form blazing droplets.nnnMoisture Resistance:nnKingspan Kooltherm pipe insulation offers excellent moisture resistance:nnnPhenolic pipe insulation has a closed-cell structurenIt offers high resistance to moisture ingress and permeation which protects pipes from moisture issues such as corrosion and adverse reactions.nKooltherm sections have a high-performing outer foil face vapour barrier which prevents moisture from reaching the phenolic material within. nItand#39;s this dual action, foil-face vapour retarder and closed cell structure that makes Kooltherm pipe insulation when installed properly an excellent selection for pipework at risk from condensation and/or corrosion issues.nnnEnvironmental:nnnKooltherm Phenolic pipe insulation is CFC/HCFC-free.nIt has a low Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP and low Global Warming Potential (GWP).nKooltherm holds the highest possible BRE Green Guide rating of A+ and is manufactured to a BS EN ISO 14001: 2004 scheme, qualifying for the Responsible Sourcing credit.nnnValue For Money:nnnKingspan Kooltherm phenolic pipe insulation is long-lasting and durable. Due to its closed-cell nature, the thermal efficiency does not deteriorate with time. So Kingspan Kooltherm will bring you long-lasting energy savings.nAlso, due to its very fine makeup, a 15mm thick Kingspan Kooltherm would have almost the same thermal efficiency as say a 20mm thick fibreglass or mineral wool pipe insulation. This means you will need a lesser amount of Kingspan Kooltherm when compared to other pipe-insulating materials. Not just pipe insulation, you will also save on cladding insulation like PIB or metal cladding, especially in larger installations.nnnApplications:nnnKingspan pipe insulation can be used to insulate all types of pipework including mild steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, multiplex and plastic pipework.nKooltherm is ideal to insulate pipework in HVAC applications or building services. They are used in all types of building work – residential, commercial or industrial. nFor more examples of how Kooltherm pipe insulation is used, please visit Kingspanand#39;s website herennnNote:nnnAll pipe sections of diameter above 160mm are considered non-standard sizes and are available only in box quantities. Price available on request.nKingspan pipe insulation above 25mm thickness (i.e. pipe thicknesses- 30mm, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm) are not off the shelf and are ordered in items which will have a lead time of approx 7 – 14 days (Could take longer depending on Kingspanand#39;s ability to manufacture required sizes at the time)nn

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