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nnKlasse Aluminium Foil Tapes offer very strong adhesion for HVAC applications. It provides a smooth, neat and professional finish. Foil tape from Klasse shows high standards of strength, durability and reliability. The shear strength of the bond and the foil promotes the optimum balance of surface conformity and tensile strength. It gives an excellent sealing and patching performance.nnKlasse Aluminium Foil Tape consists of a nominal 30 micron (1.2 mm) high tensile strength aluminium foil backing. It is combined with a high-tack, cold-weather acrylic sensitive adhesive and protected with an easy-release silicone release paper. Klasse foil tapes last longer and provide protection against dust and moisture. They are Class O fire rated. nnProduct Specifications:nnnRoll Length: 45m.nWidth: 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.nThickness: 70 MicronnnnnnnnnnnnnSizennnBox Quantitynnnnn50mm x 33mnnn24nnnnn75mm x 33mnnn16nnnnn100mm x 33mnnn12nnnnnnnKey Features:nnnFoil tapes offer reflects both heat and light. nThey offer strong adhesion and holding power.nFoil tapes from Klasse have a good ageing resistancenThey provide superior sealing and patching performancenFoil tapes offer high resistance against dirt, moisture and vapour.nIt is Class O fire rated.nFoil tapes offer a neat, professional finish on all applications.nnnUses:nnnFoil tapes from Klasse are ideal for sealing joints/seams.nIt can be used on all types/brands of foil-faced insulation.nnnApplications: nnnClean the surface to be bonded free of grease, dirt and oil.nHold the butt joints of insulation sections together without gaps to ensure an adequate bond.nChoose a tape width suitable for the application. select a tape the thickness of the insulation plus 50mm to allow for the exposed cut edge. A width of 50mm is suitable for closely positioned, flat sections. nRemove the release paper from a section of the tape, taking care not to touch the adhesive surface. Align it centrally over the joint and pull the tape taut and press down well over the entire joint area. nRub the tape to make the surface free from any wrinkles or folds.nn

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