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nnKlasse duct tape is a tough, multi-purpose, waterproof duct tape that offers a superior, high-quality finish. Duct tapes are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications and can be moulded to any profile. Klasse duct tapes are known for their superior performance, strength and durability.nnDuct tapes from Klasse are easy to apply. The high-tack rubber/resin adhesive allows easy and fast adhesion to surfaces, even on rougher surfaces. They can be used for protecting, binding and reinforcing. This duct tape is designed for more strenuous applications and is available in white, grey and black colours.nnProduct Specifications:nnnRoll Length: 50mnColours Available: White, Grey, Black.nnnnnnnnnnnnSizennnBox Quantitynnnnn30mm x 50mnnn40nnnnn38mm x 50mnnn32nnnnn43mm x 50mnnn28nnnnn48mm x 50mnnn24nnnnn75mm x 50mnnn16nnnnnnnKey Features:nnnDuct tapes have a high tensile strengthnThey are moisture resistantnDuct tapes are easy to use. nThey can be moulded to any profile and are easy to tear.nDuct tapes from Klasse conform well to irregular surfacesnDuct tapes are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.nThey enable a smooth, perfect finish, even on rough surfaces.nnnUses:nnnDuct tapes are ideal for sealing double-glazed unitsnThis versatile tape can also be used for heavy carton packing, bundling, carpet fixing, air-conditioning duct seams, general maintenance, pipe wrapping, and other joint sealing.nnnApplication: nnnClean the surface to be bonded free of any grease, dirt and oil.nRemove the release paper from a section of the tape, taking care not to touch the adhesive surface. Align it centrally over the joint and pull the tape taut and press down well over the entire joint area. nRub the tape to make the surface free from any wrinkles or folds.nnnProduct Details: nnnBackin Cloth backing 27 MeshnAdhesive: Rubber-resinnThickness: 0.15mm andplusmn;10%nShelf Life: 1 yearnService Temperature Range: -20anddeg;C ~ +80anddeg;Cnn

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