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nnNoise pollution costs the UK billions each year – be it due to health concerns relating to noise pollution, lack of productivity and so on. As people are increasingly turning towards insulation, not just for the warmth, but also for their soundproofing abilities. The building regulations also specify the use of insulation in external walls and separate elements to block out noise and acoustic insulation rolls are specially designed to keep the sound out. nnKnauf acoustic roll is made of fibreglass. In addition to its thermal and fire benefits fibreglass, gives exceptional sound insulation due to its unique fibre matrix. Fibreglass insulation traps sound waves within its structure and converts them into heat energy. Due to this, less sound energy passes through, resulting in significant sound reduction. Acoustic insulation roll is meticulously crafted to contribute very little to the overall mass of the building structure. nnKnauf acoustic rolls are non-combustible and have the highest possible A1 rating from Euroclass. Acoustic rolls are specifically manufactured to add value to plasterboard linings as well as to refit inner walls and floors to extend expert sound-absorbing qualities. They are designed to comply with sound-related building regulations. They are durable and lightweight which makes the installation easy. Knauf rolls are also water-resistant and they do not support the growth of moulds or vermins. nnFibreglass insulation from Knauf is made more environmentally friendly and human-friendly using Knaufandrsquo;s very own bio-binder based ECOSE Technology. Glass mineral wool insulation manufactured using this technology saves up to 70% energy with no added formaldehyde or phenol, compared to traditional binders. As a result, acoustic insulation roll produced releases low levels of dust, improving air quality. Ecose technology also makes acoustic rolls easy to handle and soft to touch. nnProduct Specifications:nn nnnnnnnnnnnnnSizennnThicknessnnnRolls per PacknnnCoverage Area/packnnnnn11.1m x 4/600mmnnn25mmnnn4nnn26.64nnnnn13.5m x 2/600mm nnn50mmnnn2nnn16.20nnnnn14.5m x 2/600mmnnn75mmnnn2nnn17.4nnnnn10.3m x 2/600mm nnn100mmnnn2nnn12.36nnnnnnnKey Features:nnnKnauf acoustic roll has excellent soundproofing qualities. It helps meet the building regulations. nAcoustic rolls have Euroclass A1 non-combustiblenThey are lightweight rolls, easy to cut, handle and installnAcoustic rolls improve the thermal and fire performance of the wall, floor or partition.nSustainable insulation with zero Ozone Depletion Potential and zero Global Warming PotentialnAcoustic insulation rolls friction fit between studs and closes joints to ensure effective sound insulationnKnauf Acoustic rolls are long-lasting, rot-proof and do not support the growth of vermins or moulds.nYou can find more details on Knauf acoustic roll herennnnnApplication:nnEarthwool Acoustic Roll is specifically designed for friction fitting between joists and studs at 400mm and 600mm centres to improve the soundproofing of:nnnseparating walls and floorsninternal walls and floorsntimber and metal stud partitionsnnnEarthwool Acoustic Roll insulation is also designed for friction fitting between resilient timber battens and timber studs in Robust Detail separating floors and walls. nnStandards:nnnAcoustic Roll Insulation is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13162 nEN 50001 Energy Management Systems, nOHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, nISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, nISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, as certified by Bureau Veritas.nnnHandling and storagennnKnauf acoustic rolls are easy to handle and install.nThey are lightweight and easily cut to size with a sharp utility knife. nKnauf acoustic rolls can be stored in polythene for the short term.nIn order to provide long term protection on site, the product should be stored indoors, under cover, and off the ground.nn

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