Knauf Fire Panel – Fire-Resistant Plasterboard

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nnKnauf Fire Panel offers superior fire protection. Fire-resistant plasterboard is intended to be used in between either side of a partition. It provides up to 1 hour of fire resistance which can be achieved with a single layer or 2 hours of resistance with a double layer application. It is used in all applications wherein fire resistance is required.nnThe high-performing, fire-resistant plasterboards do not sag or rot over time. They do not support or promote the growth of fungi or moulds. These fire-resistant plasterboards do not require special tools and are easy to score and snap for rapid installation for installation. nnProduct Specifications:nnnnnnnnnnnnnnLength (mm)nnnWidth (mm)nnnThickness (mm)nnnEdgennnCoverage (m2)nnnnn2400nnn1200nnn12.5nnnSquarennn 2.88nnnnn2400nnn1200nnn15nnnTaperednnn 2.88nnnn1800n900n12.5nSquaren 1.62nnnnnnnnKey Features:nnnFire-resistant plasterboards are ideal for fire-rated partitionsnPlasterboards do not require special tools for installation. nKnauf fire panels are easy to score and snap for rapid installationnDepending on the thickness, fire resistance ranges from 0.5 to 4 hoursnHigh-performance plasterboard.nPlasterboards do not support the growth of fungi or moulds.nnnApplication: nnnIdeal for fire-rated partitions and any other drylining application where fire rating is imperative.nFire-resistant plasterboards can be used with just a single layer of 15mm Fire panel on each side of a Knauf performer partition.nPlasterboard is easy to score and snap for rapid installation.nnnStorage: nnnPlasterboard must be stored flat, and be protected from inclement weather. nAppropriate personal protective clothing and equipment etc. should be used when handling all Knauf boards. nManual handling guidelines should be adhered to at all times. nPlasterboard is unsuitable for areas that are continuously damp, humid or above 50anddeg;C. nn

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