Knauf Rocksilk RS60 – Rock Mineral Wool Acoustic and Thermal Insulation Slab

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nnEarthwool Knauf RS60 building slabs offer excellent acoustic can thermal insulation. They can be used to insulate floors, walls, roofs or any other framed application. These non-combustible slabs can be used in any type of structure, be it commercial or residential. Rocksilk RS60 is made of rock wool and is non-combustible in nature with the highest possible fire classification rating A1 by Euroclass. Acoustic insulation slabs are rot-proof and do not support the growth of vermin or moulds. nnRocksilk RS60 is lightweight, long-lasting and durable. They are easy to cut and install. They are specially designed to enable friction-fitting. Thermal and acoustic insulation slabs have versatile applications. They are perfectly suited for a wide range of specifications, uses, and performance needs.nnKnauf Insulations uses ECOSEandreg; Technology to make its rock mineral wool insulation more environmentally and people-friendly. The mineral wool insulation manufactured with this unique bio-binder based technology uses no added formaldehyde or phenol and requires up to 70% less energy in the process. Therefore, insulation slabs generate very low levels of dust, making them easy to handle. They also help improve air quality as they do not shred fibres easily. Insulation made with Ecose technology is soft to touch and increases comfort for those handling it.nnProduct Specification:nnnLength: 1200 mmnWidth: 600 mmnnnnnnnnnnnnnThicknessnnnSheets in a packnnnPack Coveragennnnn40mmnnn12nnn8.64nnnnn50mmnnn9nnn6.48nnnnn75mmnnn6nnn4.32nnnnn100mmnnn4nnn2.88nnnnnnnKey Features:nnnRocksilk RS60 provides excellent thermal insulation, owing to its low thermal conductivity.nExcellent soundproofing abilities enable the product to achieve high degrees of sound reduction. Lightweight, easy to use slabs that have versatile applications.nThermal insulation slabs are non-combustible A1 Euroclass Reaction to Fire classification.nRocksilk RS60 is manufactured using ECOSE technology.nPerfectly suited for a wide range of specifications, uses, and performance needs.nAcoustic insulation slabs are non-hygroscopic, odourless and rot-proof slabs.nThey can be easily cut to the desired size, with a knife or saw.nInsulation slabs adapt easily to any slight imperfections in the substrate and knit together, eliminating any air gaps, unlike rigid board insulation.nnnApplications:nnnKnauf rock silk provides excellent floor insulation. They offer excellent insulation to ground floors, internal floors and separating floors.nThey can also be used to provide exceptional internal wall insulation. Can be used to insulate partitions, Timber frame walls, light steel frame wallsnThey are also ideal for pitched roof insulation at rafter levels and fabrication. nnnProduct Details:nnnThermal Conductivity : 0.034 -0.035 W/mKnThermal Resistance: 1.45m2K/WnSurface Spread of Flame: Class 1nVapour Resistivity: 5.00 MN.s/g.mnYou can find more information relating to Rocksilk RS60 herennnCertifications:nnnA1 Euroclass Fire RatingnEurofins GoldnCE MarkingnGreen Guide Rating A+ nnnEnvironment:nnnKnauf Rocksilk60 is made using eco-friendly ECOSE technology.nThese slabs are free of CFCs, HCFCs, and other elements that could deplete the ozone layer. They have no ODP, thus making it more environmentally friendly.nnnHandling and Storage:nnnRocksilk Building Slabs are easy to handle and install.nThey are lightweight and easily cut to size, where necessary. nThe Rocksilk Slabs are packaged in recyclable polythene (4-LDPE) which is designed for short-term storage.nIdeally, the product should be either stored indoors, under cover or off the ground on-site for longer-term protection.nn

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