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nnInsulated plasterboards are specialist insulation boards that combine insulation and drylining. One such unique insulated plasterboard is Knauf Thermal Laminate. It is a rather rare combination of expanded polystyrene and plasterboard brought to you by the market leader, Knauf Insulations.nnKnauf thermal laminates give superior thermal insulation. Their compressive strength along with the vapour resistance makes them an ideal choice to insulate walls, roofs and so on. An HCFC and CFC-free expanded polystyrene is backed on a 9.5mm Knauf wallboard to make this unique insulated plasterboardnnKnauf thermal laminates are specially designed to help meet building regulations easily. They are made with sustainable, environmentally friendly products.nn nnProduct Specifications:nnnLength: 2.4mnWidth: 1.2m nBoard Coverage: 2.88 m2nThickness available: 22mm, 30mm and 40mm.nnnKey Features: nnnKnauf thermal laminate offers enhanced thermal insulationnThe expanded polystyrene board used is made of superior-quality foamed polystyrene and is CFC and HCFC-free. nInsulated plasterboards reduce CO2 emissions as well as reduce energy expenditure, offering short payback periods.nThey help maximise room space.nKnauf thermal laminate is ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects.nInsulated plasterboards are environmentally friendlynnnApplications:nnnIdeal for use in refurbishment, and new build projects. nInsulated plasterboard effectively insulates warm roofs.nKnauf thermal laminates are also used to insulate walls.nn

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