Knauf Thermo-teK Aluminium Faced Mineral Wool Duct Insulation Board

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nnKnauf technical insulation brings you a top-of-the-line duct insulation board for insulating rectangular and square-shaped ducting in the Handamp;V system. The superior thermal insulation offered by this duct board is second to none.nnMade with top-quality mineral wool, this Knauf duct insulation board provides excellent fire resistance and acoustic insulation to the ductwork in your facility. They have factory-applied foil facings to ensure continuous protection from vapour and moisture ingress. nnKnauf duct insulation is non-combustible and durable. They retain shape and can be used for a longer term. By soundproofing ducts, these mineral wool duct insulation boards improve workplace efficiency and also help improve indoor air quality. nnDuct insulation boards are made with Knaufandrsquo;s unique Ecose Technology, meaning they are easy to install and soft to touch. They do not contain formaldehyde or any other chemicals that harm the environment. The mineral wool fibres are tightly bound and do not come off easily, which makes these duct boards long-lasting. Their thermal, fire or acoustic performance does not change or reduce with time.nnProduct Specification:nnnLength: 1200mmnWidth: 600mmnThickness: 40mm and 50mmnPack Size: 8 Boards.nCoverage Area per pack: 5.76m2.nReaction to Fire: A1 (Euroclass)nnnKey Features:nnnMineral wool duct boards are sustainably sourced and have an A+ Generic Green Guide rating nMade with Knaufandrsquo;s unique, sustainable ECOSE technology – meaning they are durable, easy to handle and provide optimum indoor air comfort.nMineral wool duct boards have a Euroclass A1 fire rating meaning they are non-combustible.nGives superior thermal insulationnDuct boards effectively soundproof ducts. Makes way for a quieter workplace. nAluminium foil facing prevents moisture ingressnDuct insulation is age resistant and tear-resistant.nDuct insulation boards do not promote the growth of moulds, bacteria or other organisms. nnnApplication:nnKnauf duct boards provide fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation to encasings, rectangular and square ductwork.nnHandlinnnDuct insulation is easy to handle and easy to install.nnDuct boards are supplied in suitable packaging materials to balance necessary transport protection.nnSustainable recycling option.nn n

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