Marmox Thermablock – Load Bearing Thermal Insulation

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nnIn response to the revisions to the Building Regulations back in 2010, the Marmox thermablock was designed to be THE perfect solution for thermal bridging. It is a lightweight board with superior thermal efficiency. It reduces heat loss in areas where building materials of different thermal properties come together like where the wall cuts into the floor (bottom of the wall), or where the roof meetsnnIt is so thoughtfully made with such high compressive strength that it easily carries a load of two storeys in a building. They are approved by a range of authorities and have been certified by many agencies as well. The materials used to make Marmox Thermablock are sustainably sourced and cause no harm to the environment. nnThe core of this exceptional insulation board is made of specially formulated fire-resistant extruded polystyrene. This dense insulation board is further strengthened by load-bearing lightweight columns made of epoxy composite placed at 60mm intervals. Marmox thermablock is covered on both sides with a layer of alkali-resistant fibreglass mesh embedded in polymer concrete. nnIn addition to reducing heat loss that happens due to thermal bridging (Thermal bridging occurs when two different materials with different thermal efficiencies meet. Heat will flow and escape outside a building through the material that conducts heat easily) it also creates a waterproof barrier, thus eliminating water ingress or growth of moulds. Marmox thermablock is impermeable to water and therefore can be used even under damp conditions.nn nnKey Features:nnnMarmox Thermablock is an excellent solution to prevent and eliminate thermal bridging.nSpecially designed insulation boards that help keep heat indoors when used at the bottom of the wall. nFire and moisture-resistant boards made of specially formulated extruded polystyrene.nMarmox Thermablock has a very impressive compressive strength that can support one to two storeys of a building.nStable, durable and long-lasting insulation boardsnWaterproof insulation boardsnComplies with parts L, A and C of the building regulations.nEnvironmentally friendly product, with zero GDP and a very low GWPnnnApplications:nnMarmox Thermablock can be used nnnOn party walls.nAt the inner leaf base in the perimeter wall,nbeneath door and window framesnouter leaves, parapets,nsolid single-leaf walls,nroof and wall junctionsnnnApprovals and Certifications: nnMarmox thermablock complies with nnnThe Code for Sustainable Homes;nPart L, A and C of the Building regulations;nBBA certified, Agreement Certificate 10/4778.nManufactured and supplied according to ISO9001 (Bureau Veritas)nNHBC accept its use as meeting their technical requirement. nn

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