ProWarm Insulated Tile Backer Board

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nnProWarm Tile backer is a high-quality XPS insulation board covered with a fibreglass mesh on both sides. They are waterproof, making them ideal for wet rooms, bathrooms etc. You can also use the tile backer boards on walls without worrying about them falling off by the weight of the chosen tiles. nnProWarm tile backer boards are extremely durable in construction. They remain unaffected by moisture. Made of extruded polystyrene, these boards give superior thermal insulation in every application. Their high compressive strength makes them ideal for all floor insulation applications. Tile backer boards have superior levelling properties. They are definitely a step up from standard plasterboards. nnProWarm BACKER-PRO insulating boards are also used for underfloor and under tile heating applications. Installing tile backer boards below under-floor heating systems will significantly reduce energy expenses on existing uninsulated concrete or timber subfloors. nnProduct Specification:nnnLength: 1.2mnWidth: 600mmnThickness Available: 6mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, 20mm, 30mm andamp; 50mm thicknessnMaterial: Extruded Polystyrene Sheet – Polymer Modified CoatingnThermal Conductivity: 0.034 W/mKnCompression Strength: 30 t/m2nFire Protection Class: Bs 3837:B1 DINnProduct Code: Prowarm Backer PronnnKey Features: nnnTile backer boards by Prowarm comes has excellent insulating properties.nWaterproof XPS boards that are ideal for wet rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. nTile backer board insulation also have also excellent soundproofing properties in a room. Reduces impact noise.nXPS panels have excellent levelling propertiesnThey are lightweight and easy to install.nnnApplications:nnProWarmTile backer board insulation has two main applications: nnnAs an excellent waterproof surface to fix wall or floor tiles. nAs the best heat insulation for underfloor heating systems. nThe flat XPS panels are especially suitable for applications such as underfloor heating and under tile heating.nn

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