Prowarm Lo-Flo Warm Panel Screed Board

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nnProwarm boards effectively transfer the heat generated from the pipes below to the floor above. They also help in the even distribution of heat and are especially useful to cover a large area. Screed boards from wet underfloor heating applications have low thermal resistance which means all the heat generated from the underfloor heating below goes right where you need it to be.nnProwarm screed boards come with pre-formed channels or grooves for installing water pipes. They allow easy installation of water pipes and help secure them in place. nnProwarm boards are compatible with all types of floor covering. Ceramic tiles, slate, and stone floor coverings can be laid directly over these overlay boards. No waiting period, as in you do not have to wait for the adhesive to dry up. Hence screed boards allow a faster installation of underfloor heating. nnYou can use them with these underfloor heating boards directly with engineered wood. For carpet underlays, linoleum and vinyl floor finishes, an intermediate flat surface or plywood will have to be used. nnKey Features:nnnScreed boards are excellent heat conducting surfaces.nPre-formed channels for easy installation of pipework in wet underfloor heating applications.nHigh thermal conductivity ensures these screed boards transfer heat evenly to the floor above.nHelp maintain ambient temperatures for a longer time, thus saving energy.nProwarm boards are suitable for use with all types of floor coverings.nFastens the installation process and tiles can be directly installed afterwards. No waiting periodnnnProduct Details:nnnLength: 600mmnWidth: 800mmnDimension: 18mm and 15mmnOutput: 104.4 w/m2 *n18mm screed board is suitable for 12mm pipeworkn15mm screed board is suitable for 10mm pipeworknnn n

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