Prowarm LoFlo End Returns – Underfloor Heating Panel

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nnProwarm LoFlo end return is a revolutionary underfloor heating panel that secures multiple runs of pipework for wet underfloor heating applications. It allows for up to five runs around the perimeter. Its multiple snap-off points allow adjusting the panels to the required size, that is, if your design requirement is only three pipe runs, you can simply snap off the panel to suit, whilst also maximising the heat emitter area. It is a multifunctional underfloor heating panel that readily functions as a pipe return, a pipe clip, and floor support, all in one. nnTo secure the pipework in place, simple press the pipes in the required groove or space. Once pressed in place, it completely secures the pipework, allowing a quicker and easy installation of underfloor heating. Multiple snap-off points also give more flexibility to the installer and offer a flexible pipe routing system between rooms. End support panels by Prowarm support the floor covering above around the perimeter of the room. This eliminates the need for a biscuit screed. This underfloor heating panel can be secured using screws or suitable fixing plugs when fixing to the screed.nnApplication:nnProwarm LoFlo end returns are used to install pipework in wet underfloor heating. It supports the floor and the pipes.nnKey Features:nnnEffectively secures the pipework in wet underfloor heating applications.nMultifunctional underfloor heating panels.nThe end supports perfectly secure pipework runs.nThe interlocking system of the underfloor heating panel provides a secure base for the overlay systemnMultiple snap-off points for flexible installation of underfloor heatingnIndependently Tested by ADJ designs.nWith many return and flow channels, this underfloor heating panel helps cover a larger area.nEasy to installnThis underfloor heating panel can be used for up to five pipe runs around the perimeternn

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