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nnProwarm Profloor Pre-routed Chipboard allows easy installation of pipework in underfloor heating applications. They help secure pipework and allow fast installation of underfloor heating. They help secure 16mm pipework. Made with top-quality wood, these underfloor insulation boards have high thermal conductivity, which enables them to transfer the heat generated, just where is it meant to be. nnProwarm underfloor heating boards have a tongue and groove application that allow easy installation. This means you do not have to use adhesive no there is any waiting period and you can install the flooring finish right away. Prowarm underfloor heating boards are compatible with all types of flooring finishes.nnProwarm chipboards give a consistent performance for many years. They are water-resistant insulation boards. These underfloor heating boards evenly spread the heat produced by underfloor heating. They are cost-effective and provide long-term benefits in terms of energy savings.nnApplications:nnUnderfloor insulation boards help to install 16mm pipework in underfloor heating applicationsnnKey Features:nnnProwarm underfloor heating boards help with the easy installation of wet underfloor heating pipes.nInsulation boards help direct the heat upwards, towards the floor.nEasy to install, thanks to tongue and groove arrangement on four sides in panel boards and 2 sides on return chipboards.nCompatible with all types of final finishing, fastens the installation processnUnderfloor heating boards, help secure pipework in wet underfloor heating applications.nWater-resistant underfloor heating boards with high thermal conductivity, ensure heat moves upwards toward the floor. nReturn underfloor heating panels help secure the bends of the returning pipework. nnnProduct Details:nnPre-routed Chipboard PanelsnnnLength: 1200mmnWidth: 600mmnThickness: 22mmnSuitable for: 16mm pipeworknPipe spacin 200mm centres.nTongue and Groove profilin All 4 sidesnMaterial: P5/P6 hybrid moisture resistant chipboardnDensity: 695 kg/m3nnnPre-routed Chipboard Panels – ReturnsnnnLength: 800mmnWidth: 600mmnThickness: 22mmnMaterial: P5/P6 hybrid moisture resistant chipboardnTongue and Groove profilin Two sides (outside edge)nCurved groove for pipe turnnn

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