Rockwool Fire-Resistant Glue

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nnFire-resistant adhesive by Rockwool helps secure fire-resistant duct boards or mineral wool duct boards around ductwork. This fire-resistant adhesive is an essential component of fire prevention systems because it ensures that materials remain stable and intact in the event of a fire, protecting the structure. Rockwool fire-resistant glue comes in 17Kg packs in an easy-to-use carry tub. nnThese fire-resistant adhesives are specially formulated solutions from Rockwool. Its versatility and durability allow for applications at -10anddeg;C temperatures also. In moist air conditions and at temperatures above freezing, fire-resistant glue sets in around 6-8 hours and if the temperature is 20anddeg;C it sets in about 1 hour. The tub must be shaken well before use. Duct boards must be free of any dirt or oil, before applying the adhesive using a trowel or a palette knife. nnProduct Specifications: nnnQuantity: 17Kg.nnnKey Features: nnnFire-resistant glue is LUL approvednRockwool fire-resistant glue forms strong bonds with duct insulation boards.nIt provides acoustic comfortnComes in a handy, easy-to-use tub.nEasy to apply using a palette knife.nRockwool fire-resistant glue sets in 4 hours.nThey seal the edges of duct boards together nRockwool fire-resistant adhesive works well even at -10anddeg;CnRockwool products are 97% biodegradable. nnnProduct Details:nnnBrand: RockwoolnQuantity:17KgnApplication: Surface temperature of andge; -10anddeg;C (Glue must be andge; 5anddeg;C)npH: 11nShelf Life: 12 monthsnStorage: Fire-resistant glue must be stored in frost-free conditionsnn

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