Rockwool Flexi Mineral Wool Acoustic and Thermal Insulation Slab

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nnRockwool Flexi is an ideal insulation solution for any building project and a perfect fit for framed construction. Acoustic insulation slabs are versatile in application and are non-combustible, rot-proof and water-resistant. The dual-purpose acoustic and thermal mineral wool insulation have a unique flexible edge along one side. They do not support or promote the growth of vermin or moulds. nnRockwool Flexi is manufactured with the patented flexible edge which ensures a perfect fit is maintained between the insulation and the supporting framework. The flexible edge helps to overcome the problems with fresh timber shrinkage as well as the displacement of insulation. They are easy to carry and install. Rockwool Flexi slabs are specially designed to provide perfect friction fitting installation.nnProduct Specification:nnnnnnLength(m)nnnWidth(mm)nnnThickness(mm)nnnSlabs/PacknnnPack Coverage (m2)nnnn1.2n600n50n12n8.64nnn1.2n600n60n12n8.64nnn1.2n600n70n08n5.76nnn1.2n600n90n06n4.32nnn1.2n600n100n06n4.32nnn1.2n600n140n04n2.88nnnnnKey Features:nnnA unique, flexible-edged insulation product for a fast and easy, perfect friction fit.nRockwool Flexi has outstanding thermal, acoustic and fire propertiesnNon combustible- Euroclass A1nWater repellant, negligible water vapour resistancenEco-friendly, 97% recyclablenLightweight, easy to install, no maintenance required.nThermal and acoustic insulation slabs are easy to carry and install.nThey do not need any special tools for installation. nnnApplications:nnRockwool Flexi acoustic and thermal insulation slabs are suitable for use in:nnnExternal wallsnPitched roofsnRaftersnSuspended floorsnInternal partitionsnn

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