Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable For Frost Protection

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Trace heating cables provide effective freeze protection and help maintain the temperature in pipes. Self-regulating heating cable protects pipes from expensive freeze related damage it also helps ensure a constant temperature in the pipes. It is especially useful in industrial applications where a slight change in temperature can cause viscosity and flow issues. nnSolco Pyrolecandrsquo;s HSR self-regulation heating cable helps in frost protection of water pipelines and in hot water maintenance applications. It protects the pipework in your facility from extreme temperatures. It keeps issues like pipe freezing, bursts, sweating and others to a bare minimum. nnThe trace heating cable self-regulates thermal performance in response to temperature. The soft power switching feature of the product improves energy savings and efficiency, giving it long service life.nnProduct Specifications:nnnLength: 1m, 5m, 10m, 20, 25m, 50m, 75m, 100m and 200mnMaximum maintain temperature (Power-on) – 65anddeg; (150anddeg;F)nMaximum continuous exposure (Power-off) – 85anddeg; (185anddeg;F)nRated Voltage: 200 – 277 VacnnnnnnnnnnnnnnModelnnnPower Output at +10anddeg;nnnDimensionnnnFor Pipework diamnnnnnHSR102nnn10w/mnnn11.2mm x 5.6mmnnnUpto 80mmnnnnnHSR162nnn16W/mnnn11.2mm x 5.6mmnnn100mm-250mmnnnnnHSR242nnn24W/mnnn11.2mm x 5.6mmnnn100mm-250mmnnnnnHSR302nnn30W/mnnn13.6mm x 5.6mmnnn100mm-250mmnnnnnnnnnKey Features:nnnTrace heating cable will not burn or overheat even when overlapped.nIt self-regulates thermal performance in response to temperature.nTrace heating cables effectively prevent freezing, bursts and other issues.nTrace heating cables can be cut to any length to suit any installation condition.nSelf-regulating trace heat cable has independent heat output control along its length.nSoft (power) switching (which improves energy savings and efficiency) and gives a longer service life.nEasy connection for powering and splicing.nnnApplications: nnnSolco Pyroelec HSR Self-regulating heating cables offer the best performance in the following applications:nFreeze protection of water pipelinesnTemperature maintenance for petrochemical and gas plant(s)nHazardous Ex locations, Ex e IIC Gb, ATEX CertifednnnProduct Details:nnnTemperature Classification (T Rating): T6 (85anddeg;) nBus Wire andndash; ASTM B355 Class 2 NPC AWG16nOuter Jacket: FR polyolefin (CP)nSuitable For: 230 Vac rated productsnnnPlease Note:nnFor heating cables for 110 Vac product range and customised length of heating cable, email us your request at

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