SPI Stylite EPS 70 – Polystyrene Insulation Board

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nnEPS insulation is a cost-effective solution for floor applications. Their high compressive strength makes them suitable for all load-bearing applications, hence ideal to insulate all kinds of floors in a building. nnEPS boards from Stylite Insulation, help meet building regulations and U-value criteria, across projects. They are lightweight boards, quite easy to carry and handle. The installation process is also quite simple as you do not require any special tools for installation. nnStylite EPS 70 does not sag and reduces its thermal performance over time. They are not easily affected by moisture or water. EPS insulation from Stylite have a BRE Green Guide Rating of A+, making the sustainable and environmentally friendly. They do not contain any HCHSs or CFS. nnApplications:nnEPS boards are most commonly used as floor insulation. They can be used above or below DPM. They can be used:nnnAbove or below ground supported concrete slabs, nSuspended concrete floorsnTimber ground floors.nnnKey Features:nnnThe low thermal conductivity of the EPS boards ensures that heat stays in.nWith Stylite EPS insulation, the required U-values and building regulations are easily met.nThey are lightweight, easy to handle and very cost-effective floor insulation.nEPS boards are compatible with all floor types.nHave high compressive strength which makes the EPS insulation ideal for all load-bearing applications. nnnEnvironment: nnnEPS boards are 100% recyclable. nThey do not cause any harm to the environment. Hence they achieve an A+ rating in BRE Green Guide Rating nStylite ESP70 does not contain HFCandrsquo;s, CFCandrsquo;s or HCFCandrsquo;s. nThe polystyrene insulation has zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) and a very low O-Zone Depletion Potential (ODP). nnnCompressive Strength: nnThe high compressive strength of the EPS boards ensures that they perfectly fit any load-bearing applications. This makes them ideal for all floor insulation applications.nnResistance to Moisture:nnThe EPS insulation is hydrophobic in nature. It is highly resistant to water absorption and will only allow minimal water vapour transfer. EPS70 is often utilised with a suitable damp proof membrane or vapour control layer to avoid any unwanted water ingress.nnReaction to Fire:nnEPS Insulation is classified under Euroclass F. Classification Stylite Expanded Polystyrene will achieve a reaction to fire. However, you can achieve better classification when the installation is complete.nnSafety andamp; HandlinnnEPS insulation is non-toxic and odourless. It does not cause any irritation to the person cutting the insulation, making it completely safe to handle. The material can be cut on-site using either a fine tooth saw or a hot wire cutter.n

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