Spreader Plates For Underfloor Heating

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nnAluminium spreader plates by Prowarm are highly reflective pre-grooved panels that help secure pipework for underfloor heating applications. These aluminium spreader plates perfectly fit between 390-400mm wide floor joists. We supply spreader plates with 2 or 3 grooves for the pipework. nnSpreader plates are laid across the floor joists and secured using screws or staples. If your joist centres are not 400mm wide, battens can be used at right angles to the joist provided your floor joists have sufficient height. nnSpreader plates are placed above insulation with the pipe grooves beneath the surface of the spreader plates and joists. Ideally, you can use a 50mm foil-faced insulation board like PIR or a 150mm mineral wool insulation slab beneath the spreader plates to ensure optimum efficiency. This way you ensure that the heat generated from the underfloor heating does not escape through the floor below.nnKey Features:nnSpreader plates reflect heat generated towards the floor.nnHelps secure underfloor heating pipes between timber joists.nnPre-grooved spreader plates for easy installation of pipework.nnSuitable to secure 15mm and 16mm pipework.nnPerfectly fits between floor joists. nnSpreader plates have multiple grooves to ensure multiple pipe runsnnInstallation:nnSpreader plates and quite easy to install. For a complete installation guide, please refer to the installation video and manual attached.n

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