Stainless Steel Dome Head Rivets For Cladding

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nnnStainless steel rivets are durable and have a strong grip. They are used to connect two pieces of cladding material quickly and efficiently. They provide a neat and smooth finish to the cladding work. They are tubular and composed of a hat and mandrel; the length of the mandrel is snapped off when installed.nnThe steel dome head rivets are rustproof and corrosion-resistant. They have a strong grip and easily attach themselves to the cladding material. Made with superior quality materials, the dome head rivets are used in both residential and commercial applications. The dome head rivets have excellent tensile strength and provide a clean and secure closing.nnProduct Specifications:nnnSize: 3.2 x 0.8mmnStainless steel rivetsn1,000 pcs per boxnnnKey Features:nnnDome head rivets are ideal for fixing cladding productsnTop-quality rivet connectionnProvides clean and secure closingnHigh tensile strength and resistancenAn excellent option for permanent fastener applicationsnThey are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.nRivets are made with high-quality steel.nThey are resistant to corrosion and rust.nnnProduct Details:nnnSize: 3.2x 0.8mmnMaterial: Stainless steelnHead: Dome head.n1,000 pcs per boxnn

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